VOL. 16 · NO. 1 | 2007
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Experiment. Math. 16 (1), (2007) Open Access
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Klaus M. Lux, Magdolna Szőke
Experiment. Math. 16 (1), 1-6, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: modular representation theory, endomorphism rings, decompositions of modules, 20C20, 20C40, 16A65, 68W30
Gavin Brown
Experiment. Math. 16 (1), 7-20, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: K3 surface, elliptic fibration, graded ring, unprojection, 14J28, 14J10, 14Q10
Peter Borwein, Greg Fee, Ron Ferguson, Alexa van der Waal
Experiment. Math. 16 (1), 21-40, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: zeta function, Dirichlet series, zeros of exponential sums, series convergence, 11M26, 11M41, 11Y35, 40A25
Alberto Damiano, Irene Sabadini, Daniele C. Struppa
Experiment. Math. 16 (1), 41-55, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Noetherian operators, polynomial ideals, Gröbner bases, PDE systems, 13P10, 35C15
D. Eelbode
Experiment. Math. 16 (1), 55-66, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Fischer decomposition, Hermitian Clifford analysis, Stirling numbers, 30G35‎, 32W50, 15A66
Ilya Kapovich
Experiment. Math. 16 (1), 67-76, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Whitehead's algorithm, geodesic currents, ‎free groups, genericity, 20F36, 20E36
X. Bressaud, G. Poggiaspalla
Experiment. Math. 16 (1), 77-100, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: dynamical systems, piecewise isometries, 37E99
Younhwan Cheon, Thomas W. Cusick
Experiment. Math. 16 (1), 101-106, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Boolean functions, balanced, Reed-Muller codes, 94C10, 94B65, 11T71
Abhijit Champanerkar, Jacob Lewis, Max Lipyanskiy, Scott Meltzer
Experiment. Math. 16 (1), 106-118, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Exceptional regions, hyperbolic 3-manifolds, invariant trace field, quasi-relator, 57M50, 57N10
Darrin Doud
Experiment. Math. 16 (1), 119-128, (2007) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Galois representations, arithmetic cohomology, 11F80, 11F75
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