VOL. 12 · NO. 3 | 2003
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Experiment. Math. 12 (3), (2003) Open Access
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Nandini Nilakantan
Experiment. Math. 12 (3), 257-262, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Polyhedral maps, polyhedral 2-manifolds, regular graph design, 52B70, 51M20, 57M20
Matthias Beck, David Einstein, Shelemyahu Zacks
Experiment. Math. 12 (3), 263-270, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: The linear Diophantine problem of Frobenius, Upper bounds, algorithms, 05A15, 11Y16, 11P21
Thomas Lewiner, Hélio Lopes, Geovan Tavares
Experiment. Math. 12 (3), 271-286, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Morse theory, Forman theory, computational topology, computational geometry, solid modeling, discrete mathematices, 58E05, 68U05, 57M15, 57M27, 57Q10
Eric J. Rawdon
Experiment. Math. 12 (3), 287-302, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Polygonal knots, geometric knots, ropelength, 57M25
István Gaál, István Járási, Florian Luca
Experiment. Math. 12 (3), 303-310, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Heron triangle, S-unit equation, reduction, 11Y50, 11D57
C. Delaunay, S. Duquesne
Experiment. Math. 12 (3), 311-318, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Elliptic curves, simplest cubic fields, analytic rank, Tate-Shafarevich group, L-series, 11G40, 11Y35, 15A52
Kazuhiro Hikami
Experiment. Math. 12 (3), 319-338, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Jones polynomial, Rogers-Ramanujan identity, hyperbolic volume, 52M27, 11B65, 57M50, 11Mxx
David Chopp, John A. Velling
Experiment. Math. 12 (3), 339-350, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: foliations, constant mean curvature, Hyperbolic space, level set method, 53C12, 53C44
Irene Sabadini, Frank Sommen, Daniele C. Struppa
Experiment. Math. 12 (3), 351-364, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Complexes of hypercomplex operators, Dirac operator, differential forms, radial algebra, syzgies, 30G35‎, 16E05
Mikhail Khovanov
Experiment. Math. 12 (3), 365-374, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Knot homology, Jones polynomial, Alexander polynomial, hyperbolic volume, 57M25, 18G60
Frank Wikström
Experiment. Math. 12 (3), 375-384, (2003) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Pluricomplex Green function, Lempert function, interval arithmetic, 32U35, 32F45
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