VOL. 11 · NO. 4 | 2002
G. Almkvist
Experiment. Math. 11 (4), 449-456, (2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: partitions, asymptotics of partitions, additive number theory, 11P81, 05A17, 11B34
Neil Dummigan
Experiment. Math. 11 (4), 457-464, (2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Elliptic curve, symmetric square $L$-function, Bloch-Kato conjecture, 11G40, 14G10
Christoph Baxa
Experiment. Math. 11 (4), 465-468, (2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Riemann zeta-function, uniform distribution, Discrepancy, 11K31, 11M06, 11K38
Takashi Fukuda, Keiichi Komatsu
Experiment. Math. 11 (4), 469-475, (2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Iwasawa invariants, Siegel function, computation, 11G15, 11R27, 1140
Mário M. Graça
Experiment. Math. 11 (4), 477-485, (2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: fixed point, nonhyperbolic, super-attracting fixed point, iteration function, order of convergence, 47H99, 65H05, 32S05, 58K05
Mark Watkins
Experiment. Math. 11 (4), 487-502, (2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Modular degree, Cohen-Lenstra heuristic, Mordell-Weil rank, symmetric square $L$-function, 11G05, 11G18, 11Y35, 14G35
Luis V. Dieulefait
Experiment. Math. 11 (4), 503-512, (2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Galois representations, abelian varieties, 11F80, 11G10
Thorsten Theobald
Experiment. Math. 11 (4), 513-526, (2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Amoebas, Ideals, varieties, Laurent polynomials, Grassmannian, homotopy continuation methods, 12D10, 14P25, 26C10, 32A60, 65H20
David H. Bailey, Richard E. Crandall
Experiment. Math. 11 (4), 527-546, (2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Normal numbers, transcendental numbers, pseudo-random number generators, 11K16, 11K06, 11J81, 11K45
Chris Lomont
Experiment. Math. 11 (4), 547-554, (2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: error correcting codes, low genus curves, curves over finite fields, 14H45, 11T71, 94B
W. Duke, Á. Tóth
Experiment. Math. 11 (4), 555-565, (2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Elliptic curves, division fields, quintic expressions, 11G, 11R, 11G05, 11R32
J. E. Humphreys
Experiment. Math. 11 (4), 567-573, (2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Weyl dimension formula, reduced enveloping algebra, Affine Weyl group, Kazhdan-Lusztig cells, 17B10, 17B45, 17B50, 20G05
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