Accepted Papers
The following papers have been accepted for publication in the Duke Mathematical Journal (DMJ). Volume, issue, and DOI assignment will be made soon.

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A twisted Yu construction, Harish-Chandra characters, and endoscopy
Jessica Fintzen, Tasho Kaletha, Loren Spice
Fine-scale distribution of roots of quadratic congruences
Jens Marklof, Matthew Welsh
An infinite-rank summand of the homology cobordism group
Irving Dai, Jennifer Hom, Matthew Stoffregen, Linh Truong
Partition and analytic rank are equivalent over large fields
Alex Cohen, Guy Moshkovitz
The unique tangent cone property for weakly holomorphic maps into projective algebraic varieties
Riccardo Caniato, Tristan Rivière
On the model theory of higher-rank arithmetic groups
Nir Avni, Chen Meiri
Mean field limit and quantitative estimates with singular attractive kernels
Didier Bresch, Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin, Zhenfu Wang
Small amplitude weak almost periodic solutions for the one-dimensional NLS
Luca Biasco, Jessica Massetti, Michela Procesi
Asymptotic stability of the sine-Gordon kink under odd perturbations
Jonas Lührmann, Wilhelm Schlag
Weak coupling limit of the anisotropic KPZ equation
Giuseppe Cannizzaro, Dirk Erhard, Fabio Lucio Toninelli
A proof of N. Takahashi's conjecture for $(\mathbb{P}^{2},E)$ and a refined sheaves/Gromov–Witten correspondence
Pierrick Bousseau
The breakdown of weak null singularities inside black holes
Maxime Van de Moortel
Stability conditions for 3-fold flops
Michael Wemyss, Yuki Hirano
On the model theory of higher-rank arithmetic groups
Nir Avni, Chen Meiri
Properly proximal von Neumann algebras
Changying Ding, Srivatsav Kunnawalkam Elayavalli, Jesse Peterson
Borel asymptotic dimension and hyperfinite equivalence relations
Clinton T. Conley, Stephen Jackson, Andrew Marks, Brandon Seward, Robin Tucker-Drob
Metric SYZ conjecture and non-Archimedean geometry
Yang Li
Shadows of characteristic cycles, Verma modules, and positivity of Chern–Schwartz–MacPherson classes of Schubert cells
Paolo Aluffi, Leonardo C. Mihalcea, Jörg Schürmann, Changjian Su
On the Hausdorff dimension of Furstenberg sets and orthogonal projections in the plane
Tuomas Orponen, Pablo Shmerkin
On topologically big divergent trajectories
Omri Solan, Nattalie Tamam
Quantitative stability of optimal transport maps under variations of the target measure
Alex Delalande, Quentin Mérigot
Higher regularity for singular Kähler–Einstein metrics
Shih-Kai Chiu, Gábor Székelyhidi
Log-concavity of matroid h-vectors and mixed Eulerian numbers
Andrew Berget, Hunter Spink, Dennis Tseng
Virtual Coulomb branch and vertex functions
Zijun Zhou
The mirror conjecture for minuscule flag varieties
Thomas Lam, Nicolas Templier
Torelli-type theorems for gravitational instantons with quadratic volume growth
Gao Chen, Jeff Viaclovsky, Ruobing Zhang
Proof of the $C^2$-stability conjecture for geodesic flows of closed surfaces
Gonzalo Contreras, Marco Mazzucchelli
3-d Calabi-Yau categories for Teichmüller theory
Fabian Haiden
Model-theoretic Elekes-Szabó for stable and o-minimal hypergraphs
Artem Chernikov, Ya'acov Peterzil, Sergei Starchenko
On Newton strata in the $B_{dR}^+$-Grassmannian
Eva Viehmann
Self-similar measures associated to a homogeneous system of three maps
Ariel Rapaport, Péter Varjú
On the abominable properties of the Almost Mathieu operator with well approximated frequencies
Artur Ávila, Yoram Last, Mira Shamis, Qi Zhou
The second stable homotopy groups of motivic spheres
Oliver Röndigs, Markus Spitzweck, Paul Arne Østvær
Torsion invariants of complexes of groups
Boris Okun, Kevin Schreve
Tubular neighborhoods of local models
Ian Gleason, João Lourenço
Affine Springer fibers, Procesi bundles, and Cherednik algebras
Pablo Boixeda Alvarez, Ivan Losev
Supercritical percolation on graphs of polynomial growth
Daniel Contreras, Sebastien Martineau, Vincent Tassion
Regularity method and large deviation principles for the Erdős–Rényi hypergraph
Nicholas Cook, Amir Dembo, Huy Tuan Pham
Free energy landscapes in spherical spin glasses
Eliran Subag
Classification of Asymptotically Conical Calabi-Yau manifolds
Ronan J. Conlon, Hans-Joachim Hein
Probabilistic conformal blocks for Liouville CFT on the torus
Promit Ghosal, Guillaume Remy, Xin Sun, Yi Sun
Bounded solutions of KdV: uniqueness and the loss of almost periodicity
Andreia Chapouto, Rowan Killip, Monica Visan
Mean curvature flow with generic low-entropy initial data
Otis Chodosh, Kyeongsu Choi, Christos Mantoulidis, Felix Schulze
A new approach to light bulb tricks: Disks in 4-manifolds
Danica Kosanović, Peter Teichner
A compactness theorem for hyperkähler 4-manifolds with boundary
Hongyi Liu
Taut foliations of 3-manifolds with Heegaard genus two
Tao Li
Brumer-Stark units and explicit class field theory
Samit Dasgupta, Mahesh Kakde
The density conjecture for principal congruence subgroups
Edgar Assing, Valentin Blomer
From Steklov to Laplace: free boundary minimal surfaces with many boundary components
Mikhail Karpukhin, Daniel L. Stern
Relative semiampleness in mixed characteristic
Jakub Witaszek
Huisken-Yau-type uniqueness for area-constrained Willmore spheres
Michael Eichmair, Thomas Koerber, Jan Metzger, Felix Schulze
The regularity problem for the Laplace equation in rough domains
Mihalis Mourgoglou, Xavier Tolsa
Extremal graphs without exponentially-small bicliques
Boris Bukh
Higher Du Bois and higher rational singularities
Robert Friedman, Radu Laza
Quadratic differentials and foliations on infinite Riemann surfaces
Dragomir Šarić
Instantaneous gap loss of Sobolev regularity for the 2D incompressible Euler equations
Diego Córdoba, Luis Martinez-Zoroa, Wojciech Ożański
Categorical and K-theoretic Donaldson-Thomas theory of $\mathbb{C}^3$ (part I)
Tudor Pădurariu, Yukinobu Toda
Rank $r$ DT theory from rank $0$
Soheyla Feyzbakhsh, Richard P. Thomas
Positroids, knots, and $q,t$-Catalan numbers
Pavel Galashin, Thomas Lam
Large-amplitude steady gravity water waves with general vorticity and critical layers
Erik Wahlén, Jörg Weber
Regularity of free boundary for the Monge-Ampère obstacle problem
Genggeng Huang, Lan Tang, Xu-Jia Wang
Rings of Siegel--Jacobi forms of bounded relative index are not finitely generated
Ana María Botero, José Ignacio Burgos Gil, David Holmes, Robin de Jong
Silting complexes of coherent sheaves and the Humphreys conjecture
Pramod Achar, William Hardesty
Local newforms for generic representations of unramified odd unitary groups and the Fundamental Lemma
Hiraku Atobe, Masao Oi, Seidai Yasuda
On the asymptotic support of Plancherel measures for homogeneous spaces
Benjamin Harris, Yoshiki Oshima
Tautological classes and symmetry in Khovanov-Rozansky homology
Eugene Gorsky, Matthew Hogancamp, Anton Mellit
Almost Quartic Lower Bound for the Frohlich Polaron's Effective Mass via Gaussian Domination
Mark Sellke
Supercritical percolation on finite transitive graphs I: Uniqueness of the giant component
Philip Easo, Tom Hutchcroft
Topological Hochschild Homology and Zeta Values
Baptiste Morin
δ-Forms on Lubin--Tate spaces
Andreas Mihatsch
Bifurcations of embedded curves and towards an extension of Taubes' Gromov invariant to Calabi-Yau 3-folds
Shaoyun Bai, Mohan Swaminathan
Essential dimension via prismatic cohomology
Benson Farb, Mark Kisin, Jesse Wolfson
Bronowski's conjecture and the identifiability of projective varieties
Alex Massarenti, Massimiliano Mella
Effective equidistribution of expanding translates in the space of affine lattices
Wooyeon Kim
Non $C^1$ solutions to the special Lagrangian equation
Connor Mooney, Ovidiu Savin
Weight two compactly supported cohomology of moduli spaces of curves
Sam Payne, Thomas Willwacher
Resilience of cube slicing in $\ell_p$
Alexandros Eskenazis, Piotr Nayar, Tomasz Tkocz
The parabolic Harnack inequality for nonlocal equations
Moritz Kassmann, Marvin Weidner
Tangent groupoid and tangent cones in sub-Riemannian geometry
Omar Mohsen
The Delannoy Category
Nate Harman, Andrew Snowden, Noah Snyder
The eighth moment of Dirichlet L-functions II
Vorrapan Chandee, Xiannan Li, Kaisa Matomäki, Maksym Radziwiłł
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