VOL. 15 · NO. 1 | 2013
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Commun. Math. Anal. 15 (1), (2013) Open Access
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Elke Wolf
Commun. Math. Anal. 15 (1), 1-10, (2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: differences of composition operators, weighted Banach spaces, Holomorphic functions, boundedness, compactness, 47B33, 47B38
John R. Graef, Saroj Panigrahi, P. Rami Reddy
Commun. Math. Anal. 15 (1), 11-28, (2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: ‎oscillation‎, neutral dynamic equations, existence of positive solutions, asymptotic behavior, Time scales, 34N05, 34C10, 34C15, 34K11
Lirong Huang, Eugénio M. Rocha
Commun. Math. Anal. 15 (1), 29-43, (2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Schrödinger-Poisson system, variational methods, Critical growth, positive solution, 35J20, 35J70
P. Ryckelynck, L. Smoch
Commun. Math. Anal. 15 (1), 44-60, (2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Calculus of variation, Functional equations, Quadratic lagrangians, Null Lagrangians, 49K15, 49K21, 49M25, 49N10, 65L03, 65L12
Farzad Fathizadeh, Masoud Khalkhali, Fabio Nicola, Luigi Rodino
Commun. Math. Anal. 15 (1), 61-78, (2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Adler-Manin trace, bi-singular operators, noncommutative residue, spectral triples, twisted invariant traces, 58J42
G. E. Chatzarakis, G. N. Miliaras
Commun. Math. Anal. 15 (1), 79-97, (2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Neutral advanced difference equations, advanced argument, oscillatory solutions, nonoscillatory solutions, bounded solutions, unbounded solutions, 39A10; 39A21
Leila Djouamai, Belkacem Said-Houari
Commun. Math. Anal. 15 (1), 99-114, (2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: heat conduction, decay rate, three-phase-lag, stability, Energy method, 35L35, 80A20
Lotfi Riahi
Commun. Math. Anal. 15 (1), 115-130, (2013) Open Access
KEYWORDS: boundary behavior, heat kernel, Dirichlet boundary conditions, elliptic operator, Green function, Lipschitz domain, intrinsic ultracontractivity, Exit time, 31B25, 35K05, 47D06
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