VOL. 13 · NO. 1 | 2012
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Commun. Math. Anal. 13 (1), (2012)
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S. Sridharan
Commun. Math. Anal. 13 (1), 1-22, (2012)
KEYWORDS: Escape velocity, Complex dynamics of rational maps, symbolic dynamics, equilibrium measures, Hausdorff dimension, 37F10, 37F15, 37F35
P. Kumar, H. Mohan
Commun. Math. Anal. 13 (1), 23-34, (2012)
KEYWORDS: Thermal convection, Heterogeneous Walters B' viscoelastic fluid, Porous medium, Prandtl number, 76A10, 76S99
B. de Malafosse
Commun. Math. Anal. 13 (1), 35-53, (2012)
KEYWORDS: matrix transformations, BK space, the spaces $\mathbf{s}_{a}$, multiplier of sets of sequences, (SSIE), (SSE) with operator, band matrix $B\left( r,s\right) $, Fractional dimension, jump problem, Cauchy integral, analytic functions, 40H05, 46A45, $\mathbf{s}_{a}^{0}$ and $\mathbf{s}_{a}^{\left( c\right) }$
S. M. Alsulami, L. A. Khan
Commun. Math. Anal. 13 (1), 54-63, (2012)
KEYWORDS: almost periodic function, topological vector space, $F$-space, uniform topology, Bochner Criteria, 43A60, 46A16, 46E40
J. Rivera-Noriega
Commun. Math. Anal. 13 (1), 64-85, (2012)
KEYWORDS: Multiplicative Square Function, caloric measure, $A_\infty$ class, non-cylindrical domains, 42B25, ‎28A15, 35K20
S. Yakubovich
Commun. Math. Anal. 13 (1), 86-99, (2012)
KEYWORDS: Kontorovich-Lebedev transform, modified Bessel functions, Whittaker functions, Mellin transform, Laplace transform, convolution, integral equations of the convolution type, difference equations, 44A15, 44A35, 33C05, 33C10, 33C15, 39A10, 45E99
M. Gil’
Commun. Math. Anal. 13 (1), 100-106, (2012)
KEYWORDS: entire function, infinite order, sum of zeros, 30D20
T. L. Gill, G. R. Pantsulaia, W. W. Zachary
Commun. Math. Anal. 13 (1), 107-141, (2012)
KEYWORDS: infinite-dimensional Lebesgue measure, Gaussian measure, Fourier transforms, Banach space, Pontryagin duality theory, partial differential operators, Euler scheme, dynamic evolution, average distance, 45XXX, 46XXX
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