VOL. 10 · NO. 2 | 2010
Margaret Taub, Doron Lipson, Terence P. Speed
Commun. Inf. Syst. 10 (2), 69-82, (2010)
Lin Wan, Yi Xiao, Quan Chen, Minghua Deng, Minping Qian
Commun. Inf. Syst. 10 (2), 83-98, (2010)
Nir Yosef, Jens Gramm, Qian-fei Wang, William S. Noble, Richard M. Karp, Roded Sharan
Commun. Inf. Syst. 10 (2), 99-114, (2010)
KEYWORDS: Machine learning (Computing Methodologies–Artificial Intelligence–Learning), Parameter learning (Computing Methodologies–Artificial Intelligence–Learning), Classifier design and evaluation (Computing Methodologies–Pattern Recognition–Design Methodology), Biology and genetics (Computer Applications–Life and Medical Sciences)
Leming Zhou, Ingrid Mihai, Liliana Florea
Commun. Inf. Syst. 10 (2), 115-136, (2010)
KEYWORDS: cDNA, genome, spaced seeds, Markov model
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