VOL. 8 · NO. 3 | April 2002
Bernoulli 8 (3), (April 2002) Open Access
Bernoulli 8 (3), (April 2002) Open Access
Olle Häggström, Johan Jonasson, Russell Lyons
Bernoulli 8 (3), 275-294, (April 2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Cayley graph, Coupling from the past, stochastic domination, transitive, unimodular
Dragan Banjevic, Hemant Ishwaran, Mahmoud Zarepour
Bernoulli 8 (3), 295-311, (April 2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: convex hulls, Dirichlet process, Extremes, gamma process, Infinitely divisible random variables, Point processes, Stable processes
Zehua Chen
Bernoulli 8 (3), 313-322, (April 2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: adaptive sampling, concomitant variable, observational economy, ranked-set sampling, regression estimate
Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen, Steen Thorbjørnsen
Bernoulli 8 (3), 323-366, (April 2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Free additive convolution, free and classical infinite divisibility, free self-decom\-posability, free Lévy processes, free stochastic integrals, free Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes
Damien Lamberton, Gilles Pagès
Bernoulli 8 (3), 367-405, (April 2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Almost sure Central Limit Theorem, central limit theorem, diffusion process, Invariant distribution, numerical probability, Stochastic algorithm
Allan Gut
Bernoulli 8 (3), 407-421, (April 2002) Open Access
KEYWORDS: generalized gamma distribution, hyperbolically completely monotone, Krein integral, Lin condition, Moment problem, moments, regular variation, slow variation, uniqueness
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