VOL. 7 · NO. 4 | August 2001
Bernoulli 7 (4), (August 2001) Open Access
Bernoulli 7 (4), (August 2001) Open Access
Alessandra Guglielmi, Richard L. Tweedie
Bernoulli 7 (4), 573-592, (August 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Dirichlet process, Markov chain Monte Carlo, Markov chains with general state space, mean functional, rate of convergence
Andreas E. Kyprianou, A. Rahimzadeh Sani
Bernoulli 7 (4), 593-604, (August 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: functional equation, multi-type branching random walk, size-biased measures
Lucia Caramellino, Valentina Di Vincenzo
Bernoulli 7 (4), 605-628, (August 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: iterated logarithm, large and moderate deviations, nilpotent Lie groups, Random walks
Alexander A. Gushchin, Uwe Küchler
Bernoulli 7 (4), 629-632, (August 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: local asymptotic mixed normality, maximum likelihood estimator, Stochastic differential equations, time delay
Yuhong Yang
Bernoulli 7 (4), 633-655, (August 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: long-range dependent errors, minimax rate of convergence, Nonparametric regression
Marc Hallin, Zudi Lu, Lanh Tat Tran
Bernoulli 7 (4), 657-668, (August 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: bandwidth, Density estimation, ‎kernel‎, spatial process
Holger Dette, Carsten Von Lieres Und Wilkau
Bernoulli 7 (4), 669-697, (August 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Additive models, curse of dimensionality, Dimension reduction, marginal integration estimate, test of additivity
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