VOL. 7 · NO. 2 | April 2001
Front Matter
Bernoulli 7 (2), (April 2001) Open Access
Bernoulli 7 (2), (April 2001) Open Access
Amir Dembo, Abram Kagan, Lawrence A. Shepp
Bernoulli 7 (2), 343-350, (April 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Correlation, Linear regression, maximum correlation, spherically symmetric distributions, Sums of independent random variables
Marc Yor, Marguerite Zani
Bernoulli 7 (2), 351-362, (April 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Bessel processes, Brownian motion, large deviations
Heikki Haario, Eero Saksman, Johanna Tamminen
Bernoulli 7 (2), 223-242, (April 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Adaptive Markov chain Monte Carlo, Comparison, convergence, ergodicity, Markov chain Monte Carlo, Metropolis-Hastings algorithm
Wolfgang J. Runggaldier, Fabio Spizzichino
Bernoulli 7 (2), 211-221, (April 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: dynamic Bayes formula, exponential families, finite-dimensional filters, Infinitely divisible distributions, inverse Laplace transform, state-space models
Francesco Russo, Pierre Vallois, Jochen Wolf
Bernoulli 7 (2), 363-379, (April 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Bessel processes, Dirichlet processes, Time reversal
Mathieu Kessler, Anton Schick, Wolfgang Wefelmeyer
Bernoulli 7 (2), 243-266, (April 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: discretely observed diffusion, Efficient estimator, ergodic Markov chain
Sidney Resnick, Gennady Samorodnitsky
Bernoulli 7 (2), 191-210, (April 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Fluid queue, heavy tails, large deviations, long-range dependence, M/G/∞queue, performance of a queue, Random walk, steady-state distribution
Peter Hall, Spiridon Penev
Bernoulli 7 (2), 317-341, (April 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Curve estimation, Density estimation, generalized kernel methods, Kernel estimator, least-squares cross-validation, linear wavelet estimator, Nonparametric regression, primary resolution level, thresholding
Bernard Bercu
Bernoulli 7 (2), 299-316, (April 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: autoregressive Gaussian process, estimation, large deviations
Fabienne Comte
Bernoulli 7 (2), 267-298, (April 2001) Open Access
KEYWORDS: adaptive estimation, Long-memory process, penalty function, projection estimator, stationary sequence
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