VOL. 25 · NO. 1 | February 2019
Bernoulli 25 (1), (February 2019) Open Access
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Sabyasachi Chatterjee, John Lafferty
Bernoulli 25 (1), 1-25, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/16-BEJ922 Open Access
KEYWORDS: isotonic regression, minimax bounds, shape constrained inference, unimodal regression
Steven N. Evans, Ronald L. Rivest, Philip B. Stark
Bernoulli 25 (1), 26-46, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ930 Open Access
KEYWORDS: coupling, Discrete choice models, extreme value, maximum (or minimum) of random variables, most dangerous equation, order statistic, preference scores, small schools phenomenon, stochastic domination, test of association, Thurstone, winning probability
David R. Bickel, Alexandre G. Patriota
Bernoulli 25 (1), 47-74, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ942 Open Access
KEYWORDS: bounded parameter, deductive closure, deductive cogency, empty confidence set, Possibility theory, $p$-value function, ranking function, ranking theory, restricted parameter space, surprise measure
Yanqi Qiu
Bernoulli 25 (1), 75-88, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ953 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Non-Archimedean local field, rigidity, stationary determinantal point processes
Ian W. McKeague, Erol A. Peköz, Yvik Swan
Bernoulli 25 (1), 89-111, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ960 Open Access
KEYWORDS: higher energy levels, Interacting particle system, Maxwell distribution, Stein’s method
Alexandre Chotard, Anne Auger
Bernoulli 25 (1), 112-147, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ970 Open Access
KEYWORDS: aperiodicity, controllability matrix, deterministic control model, Evolution Strategies, globally attracting state, irreducibility, Markov chains, $T$-chain
Amaury Lambert, Emmanuel Schertzer
Bernoulli 25 (1), 148-173, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ971 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Coalescent point process, conditional sampling, flows of bridges, Kingman coalescent, small time behavior
Shulan Hu, Xinyu Wang
Bernoulli 25 (1), 174-188, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ982 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Fokker–Planck equation, hypocoercivity, Weak Poincaré inequality
Erol Peköz, Adrian Röllin, Nathan Ross
Bernoulli 25 (1), 189-220, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ983 Open Access
KEYWORDS: distributional convergence, distributional fixed point equation, Pólya urns, preferential attachment random graph
Balázs Ráth
Bernoulli 25 (1), 221-240, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ984 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Feller process, multiplicative coalescent
Dennis Leung, Qiman Shao
Bernoulli 25 (1), 241-263, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ985 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Frobenius norm, high dimensionality, Minimax optimality, Pearson correlation, power, Rao’s score
Abdelaati Daouia, Stéphane Girard, Gilles Stupfler
Bernoulli 25 (1), 264-309, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ987 Open Access
KEYWORDS: asymptotic normality, dependent observations, expectiles, extrapolation, Extreme values, heavy tails, $L^{p}$ optimization, Mixing, quantiles, tail risk
Daniel Paulin, Ajay Jasra, Alexandre Thiery
Bernoulli 25 (1), 310-340, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ988 Open Access
KEYWORDS: asymptotic variance bound, central limit theorem, metastability, Potts model, scale invariance, sequential Monte Carlo
Radosław Adamczak, Michał Strzelecki
Bernoulli 25 (1), 341-374, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ989 Open Access
KEYWORDS: concentration of measure, Convex functions, Poincaré inequality, Weak transport-entropy inequalities
Søren Asmussen, Jevgenijs Ivanovs, Johan Segers
Bernoulli 25 (1), 375-394, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ990 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Gumbel distribution, inhomogeneous Poisson process, Point processes, records, regular variation, weak convergence
Joydeep Chowdhury, Probal Chaudhuri
Bernoulli 25 (1), 395-423, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ991 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Bahadur representation, conditional spread, Convergence rates, maximal depth set, spatial depth, spatial quantile
Holger Drees, Natalie Neumeyer, Leonie Selk
Bernoulli 25 (1), 424-463, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ992 Open Access
KEYWORDS: goodness-of-fit testing, irregular error distribution, one-sided errors, residual empirical distribution function, uniform rates of convergence
Luc Lehéricy
Bernoulli 25 (1), 464-498, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ993 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hidden Markov model, least squares method, Model selection, Nonparametric density estimation, order estimation, Spectral method
Magda Peligrad, Na Zhang
Bernoulli 25 (1), 499-520, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ995 Open Access
KEYWORDS: central limit theorem, Fourier transform, Martingale approximation, Random field, Spectral density
Zakhar Kabluchko, Vladislav Vysotsky, Dmitry Zaporozhets
Bernoulli 25 (1), 521-548, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ996 Open Access
KEYWORDS: absorption probability, arcsine law, convex cone, Convex hull, distribution-free probability, finite reflection group, hyperplane arrangement, random linear subspace, Random walk, random walk bridge, Weyl chamber
Dragi Anevski, Anne-Laure Fougères
Bernoulli 25 (1), 549-583, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ998 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Density estimation, Dependence, limit distributions, monotone rearrangement, regression function estimation
Jonathan H. Huggins, Daniel M. Roy
Bernoulli 25 (1), 584-622, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ999 Open Access
KEYWORDS: adaptive resampling, effective sample size, geometric ergodicity, particle Gibbs, sequential Monte Carlo, state-space models, uniform ergodicity
Nicolas Flammarion, Cheng Mao, Philippe Rigollet
Bernoulli 25 (1), 623-653, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ1000 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Adaptation, matrix estimation, minimax estimation, permutation learning, shape constraints, statistical seriation
Debraj Das, S.N. Lahiri
Bernoulli 25 (1), 654-682, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ1001 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Edgeworth expansion, generalized bootstrap, M-estimation, perturbation bootstrap, residual bootstrap, S.O.C., studentization, wild bootstrap
Francis Comets, Gregorio Moreno, Alejandro F. Ramí rez
Bernoulli 25 (1), 683-711, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ1002 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Directed polymers, exactly solvable model, Product of random matrices, random medium, Stable laws
Fabrice Gamboa, Jan Nagel, Alain Rouault
Bernoulli 25 (1), 712-741, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ1003 Open Access
KEYWORDS: large deviations, matrix-valued measures, orthogonal matrix polynomials, random matrices, sum rules
Boris Buchmann, Kevin W. Lu, Dilip B. Madan
Bernoulli 25 (1), 742-770, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ1004 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Brownian motion, gamma process, Generalised gamma convolutions, Lévy process, marked point process, Subordination, Thorin measure, variance gamma, variance-alpha-gamma
Aline Duarte, Antonio Galves, Eva Löcherbach, Guilherme Ost
Bernoulli 25 (1), 771-792, (February 2019) DOI: 10.3150/17-BEJ1006 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Biological neural nets, graph of interactions, interacting chains of variable memory length, statistical model selection
Bernoulli 25 (1), (February 2019) Open Access
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