VOL. 18 · NO. 4 | September 2014
Pinaki Mondal
Asian J. Math. 18 (4), 573-602, (September 2014)
KEYWORDS: compactification, Degree-like functions, divisorial valuations, Rees valuations, normalization at infinity, 14M27, 14M25, 13A18, 13A30
Jianming Wan
Asian J. Math. 18 (4), 603-608, (September 2014)
KEYWORDS: Ricci curvature, Betti number, 53C20, 53C25
Masashi Ishida
Asian J. Math. 18 (4), 609-622, (September 2014)
KEYWORDS: Four-manifold, Ricci flow, non-singular solution, 53C44, 57R57, 53C25
Luca Baracco, Tran Vu Khanh, Giuseppe Zampieri
Asian J. Math. 18 (4), 623-632, (September 2014)
KEYWORDS: Hypoellipticity, $\overline{\partial}$-Neumann, superlogarithmic estimate, infinite type, 32F10, 32F20, 32N15, 32T25
Chung-Jun Tsai
Asian J. Math. 18 (4), 633-686, (September 2014)
KEYWORDS: Dirac spectral flow, open book decomposition, Dehn twist, 58J30, 53D35
Tatsuki Hayama
Asian J. Math. 18 (4), 687-706, (September 2014)
KEYWORDS: Degenerating Hodge structure, partial compactification of period domain, cycle space, 32G20, 14D07
Qingzhong Ji, Hourong Qin
Asian J. Math. 18 (4), 707-726, (September 2014)
KEYWORDS: CM elliptic curve, anomalous prime, Hardy-Littlewood conjecture, 11G05, 11G15, 11N32
Qi S. Zhang
Asian J. Math. 18 (4), 727-756, (September 2014)
KEYWORDS: Ricci flow, breathers, scaling invariant entropy, 53C44, 35K40, 53C20
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