VOL. 12 · NO. 2 | June 2008
Adrian Vasiu
Asian J. Math. 12 (2), 151-176, (June 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Shimura varieties, reductive group schemes, integral models, 11G10, 11G18, 14F30, 14G35, 14G40, 14K10
Huah Chu, Shou-Jen Hu, Ming-chang Kang, Jiping Zhang
Asian J. Math. 12 (2), 177-192, (June 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Essential dimension, compression of finite group actions, Galois theory, finite subgroups of SL_2(K), 12E05, 12F10, 12F20, 13F30
Ching-Li Chai
Asian J. Math. 12 (2), 193-202, (June 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: p-divisible formal groups, 14K10, 14G35, 13H99
No abstract available
Thomas Kwok-keung Au, Feng Luo, Richard Stong
Asian J. Math. 12 (2), 203-212, (June 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: 51K10, 53A99
Zhenbo Qin, Qi Zhang
Asian J. Math. 12 (2), 213-224, (June 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Gieseker stability, Uhlenbeck compactification, crepant, 14D20, 14D21, 14E05
Richard Cleyton, Yat-Sun Poon
Asian J. Math. 12 (2), 225-250, (June 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Nilpotent algebra, Gerstenhaber algebra, complex structure, symplectic structure, deformation, mirror symmetry, 32G05, 32G07, 13D10, 16E45, 17B30, 53D45
Robert Waelder
Asian J. Math. 12 (2), 251-284, (June 2008) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Elliptic genus, equivariant cohomology, McKay, Localization, Hilbert scheme, 14E99, 55N91
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