VOL. 37 · NO. 3 | June 2009
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), (June 2009)
No abstract available
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), (June 2009)
No abstract available
Nils Lid Hjort, Ian W. McKeague, Ingrid Van Keilegom
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1079-1111, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/07-AOS555
KEYWORDS: Bootstrap calibration, Current status data, Empirical processes, estimating equations, growing number of parameters, Nonparametric regression, nuisance parameters, orthogonal series, plug-in, 62G20, 62F40
N. Balakrishnan, Xingqiu Zhao
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1112-1149, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS599
KEYWORDS: counting processes, medical follow-up study, nonparametric comparison, Nonparametric maximum likelihood, nonparametric maximum pseudo-likelihood, panel count data, 62G10, 62G20
P. Baldi, G. Kerkyacharian, D. Marinucci, D. Picard
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1150-1171, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS601
KEYWORDS: High-frequency asymptotics, spherical needlets, Random fields, central limit theorem, tests for Gaussianity and isotropy, 62M40, 60F05, 60F17, 62G20
Ery Arias-Castro, David L. Donoho
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1172-1206, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS604
KEYWORDS: linear filtering, kernel smoothing, median filtering, running median, image denoising, minimax estimation, Nonparametric regression, 62G08, 62G20, 60G35
George Casella, F. Javier Girón, M. Lina Martínez, Elías Moreno
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1207-1228, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS606
KEYWORDS: Bayes factors, intrinsic priors, linear models, consistency, 62F05, 62J15
Debashis Paul, Jie Peng
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1229-1271, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS608
KEYWORDS: Functional data analysis, Principal Component Analysis, High-dimensional data, Stiefel manifold, Intrinsic geometry, consistency, 62G20, 60K35, 62H25
Bing Li, Yuexiao Dong
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1272-1298, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS598
KEYWORDS: Canonical correlation, central solution spaces, kernel inverse regression, inverse regression, sliced inverse regression, parametric inverse regression, 62H12, 62G08, 62G09
Fadoua Balabdaoui, Kaspar Rufibach, Jon A. Wellner
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1299-1331, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS609
KEYWORDS: asymptotic distribution, integral of Brownian motion, invelope process, log-concave density estimation, lower bounds, maximum likelihood, mode estimation, nonparametric estimation, qualitative assumptions, shape constraints, strongly unimodal, unimodal, 62N01, 62G20, 62G05
Vladimir Koltchinskii
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1332-1359, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS621
KEYWORDS: Penalized empirical risk minimization, Sparsity, Entropy, convex hulls, 62G07, 62G08, 62H30
Anatoli B. Juditsky, Oleg V. Lepski, Alexandre B. Tsybakov
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1360-1404, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS611
KEYWORDS: Multidimensional nonparametric estimation, minimax estimation, local models, Composite functions, pointwise selection rule, 62G05, 62G20
Vladimir Spokoiny
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1405-1436, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS612
KEYWORDS: Volatility model, adaptive estimation, local homogeneity, 62M10, 62G05, 62P20, 62G10
Tyler J. VanderWeele, James M. Robins
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1437-1465, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS613
KEYWORDS: Causal inference, Conditional independence, directed acyclic graphs, graphical models, interactions, sufficient causation, synergism, 62A01, 62M45, 62G99, 68T30, 68R10, 05C20‎
Hua-Hua Chang, Zhiliang Ying
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1466-1488, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS614
KEYWORDS: sequential design, computerized adaptive testing, item response theory, Rasch model, logistic models, Fisher information, maximum likelihood recursion, martingale, local convergence, consistency, asymptotic normality, 62L05, 62P15
Malka Gorfine, David M. Zucker, Li Hsu
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1489-1517, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS615
KEYWORDS: case-control study, correlated failure times, family study, frailty model, multivariate survival model, 62N01, 62N02, 62H12
Arthur Cohen, Harold B. Sackrowitz, Minya Xu
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1518-1544, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS616
KEYWORDS: Admissibility, change point problem, False discovery rate, likelihood ratio, residuals, step-down procedure, step-up procedure, successive correlation model, treatments vs. control, two-sided alternatives, vector risk, 62F03, 62J15
Sanat K. Sarkar, Wenge Guo
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1545-1565, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS617
KEYWORDS: Average power, gene expression, generalized FDR, generalized FWER, multiple hypothesis testing, oracle k-FDR procedure, stepup procedures, 62J15, 62H99
Vladimir Vovk, Ilia Nouretdinov, Alex Gammerman
Ann. Statist. 37 (3), 1566-1590, (June 2009) DOI: 10.1214/08-AOS622
KEYWORDS: Gauss linear model, independent identically distributed observations, Multivariate analysis, on-line protocol, prequential statistics, 62J05, 62G08, 60G25, 68Q32
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