VOL. 46 · NO. 1 | January 2018
Ann. Probab. 46 (1), (January 2018) Open Access
No abstract available
Ann. Probab. 46 (1), (January 2018) Open Access
No abstract available
Charles Bordenave, Marc Lelarge, Laurent Massoulié
Ann. Probab. 46 (1), 1-71, (January 2018) DOI: 10.1214/16-AOP1142 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Random graphs, nonbacktracking matrix, spectral gap, Community detection, 05C80, 60B20, 62M15, 60J85
Nicholas Cook, Larry Goldstein, Tobias Johnson
Ann. Probab. 46 (1), 72-125, (January 2018) DOI: 10.1214/17-AOP1180 Open Access
KEYWORDS: second Eigenvalue, random regular graph, Alon’s conjecture, size biased coupling, Stein’s method, Concentration, 05C80, 60B20, 60E15
Andrea Cosso, Salvatore Federico, Fausto Gozzi, Mauro Rosestolato, Nizar Touzi
Ann. Probab. 46 (1), 126-174, (January 2018) DOI: 10.1214/17-AOP1181 Open Access
KEYWORDS: viscosity solutions, path-dependent stochastic differential equations, path-dependent partial differential equations, partial differential equations in infinite dimension, 35D40, 35R15, 60H15, 60H30
Alan Hammond
Ann. Probab. 46 (1), 175-206, (January 2018) DOI: 10.1214/17-AOP1182 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Self-avoiding walk, polygon joining, 60K35, 60D05
Jean Bertoin, Nicolas Curien, Igor Kortchemski
Ann. Probab. 46 (1), 207-260, (January 2018) DOI: 10.1214/17-AOP1183 Open Access
KEYWORDS: planar maps, growth-fragmentations, Self-similar Markov processes, scaling limits, 60F17, 60D05, 60G51, 60G18
François Bolley, Ivan Gentil, Arnaud Guillin
Ann. Probab. 46 (1), 261-301, (January 2018) DOI: 10.1214/17-AOP1184 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Logarithmic Sobolev inequality, Talagrand inequality, Brascamp–Lieb inequality, Fokker–Planck equations, Optimal transport, 60H10, 60J60, 60E15
Sebastian Andres, Alberto Chiarini, Jean-Dominique Deuschel, Martin Slowik
Ann. Probab. 46 (1), 302-336, (January 2018) DOI: 10.1214/17-AOP1186 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Time dependent dynamics, Random walk, Moser iteration, 60K37, 60F17, 82C41
Christian Borgs, Jennifer T. Chayes, Henry Cohn, Yufei Zhao
Ann. Probab. 46 (1), 337-396, (January 2018) DOI: 10.1214/17-AOP1187 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Sparse graph limit, graphon, graph convergence, graph quotient, 05C80, 82B99
Rongchan Zhu, Xiangchan Zhu
Ann. Probab. 46 (1), 397-455, (January 2018) DOI: 10.1214/17-AOP1188 Open Access
KEYWORDS: $\Phi_{3}^{4}$ model, regularity structure, Paracontrolled distribution, space–time white noise, renormalisation, 60H15, 82C28
Nathanaël Berestycki, Eyal Lubetzky, Yuval Peres, Allan Sly
Ann. Probab. 46 (1), 456-490, (January 2018) DOI: 10.1214/17-AOP1189 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Random walks, Random graphs, Cutoff phenomenon, Markov chain mixing times, 60B10, 60J10, 60G50, 05C80
Hao Xing, Gordan Žitković
Ann. Probab. 46 (1), 491-550, (January 2018) DOI: 10.1214/17-AOP1190 Open Access
KEYWORDS: BSDE, Backward stochastic differential equations, systems of BSDE, quadratic nonlinearities, stochastic equilibrium, martingales on manifolds, nonzero-sum stochastic games, 60G44, 60G99, 60H30, 58J65, 91A15, 91B51
Dylan Possamaï, Xiaolu Tan, Chao Zhou
Ann. Probab. 46 (1), 551-603, (January 2018) DOI: 10.1214/17-AOP1191 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Stochastic control, measurable selection, nonlinear kernels, Second-order BSDEs, path–dependent PDEs, robust super-hedging, 60H10, 60H30
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