VOL. 34 · NO. 2 | March 2006
Ann. Probab. 34 (2), (March 2006)
No abstract available
Ann. Probab. 34 (2), (March 2006)
No abstract available
Nathanaël Berestycki
Ann. Probab. 34 (2), 429-467, (March 2006) DOI: 10.1214/009117906000000043
KEYWORDS: Random walks, Gromov hyperbolic spaces, phase transition, Random transpositions, Random graphs, Cayley graphs, 60G50, 60K35, 60D05, 60C05
Alexander Gnedin, Jim Pitman, Marc Yor
Ann. Probab. 34 (2), 468-492, (March 2006) DOI: 10.1214/009117905000000639
KEYWORDS: Composition structure, Regenerative set, Sampling formulae, regular variation, 60G09, 60C05
Malwina J. Luczak, Colin McDiarmid
Ann. Probab. 34 (2), 493-527, (March 2006) DOI: 10.1214/00911790500000710
KEYWORDS: Supermarket model, Join the shortest queue, random choices, power of two choices, maximum queue length, load balancing, Equilibrium, concentration of measure, 60C05, 68R05, 90B22, 60K25, 60K30, 68M20
Iva Kozakova, Ronald Meester, Seema Nanda
Ann. Probab. 34 (2), 528-538, (March 2006) DOI: 10.1214/009117905000000729
KEYWORDS: continuum percolation, Poisson process, size of components, nearest-neighbor connections, Random graphs, 60K35, 60G55, 60D05
Erik I. Broman, Jeffrey E. Steif
Ann. Probab. 34 (2), 539-576, (March 2006) DOI: 10.1214/009117905000000602
KEYWORDS: percolation, stochastic Ising models, contact process, 82C43, 82B43, 60K35
J. E. Yukich, Yu Zhang
Ann. Probab. 34 (2), 577-592, (March 2006) DOI: 10.1214/009117905000000819
KEYWORDS: first passage percolation, Shape theory, the right-hand edge, nondifferentiability of time constants, 60K35
Alan Hammond
Ann. Probab. 34 (2), 593-637, (March 2006) DOI: 10.1214/009117905000000693
KEYWORDS: percolation, lattice animals, optimization, 60K35
S. V. Lototsky, B. L. Rozovskii
Ann. Probab. 34 (2), 638-662, (March 2006) DOI: 10.1214/009117905000000738
KEYWORDS: Feynmann–Kac formula, generalized random elements, Stochastic parabolic equations, turbulent transport, White noise, 60H15, 35R60, 60H40
Michael Röckner, Zeev Sobol
Ann. Probab. 34 (2), 663-727, (March 2006) DOI: 10.1214/009117905000000666
KEYWORDS: Stochastic Burgers equation, Kolmogorov equation, infinite-dimensional background space, weighted space of continuous functions, Lyapunov function, Feller semigroup, diffusion process, 35R15, 47D06, 47D07, 60J35, 60J60, 35J70, 35Q53, 60H15
Nathalie Eisenbaum, Haya Kaspi
Ann. Probab. 34 (2), 728-742, (March 2006) DOI: 10.1214/009117905000000684
KEYWORDS: Gaussian processes, Infinite divisibility, Markov processes, Local time, 60E07, 60G15, 60J25, 60J55
Stefan Ankirchner, Steffen Dereich, Peter Imkeller
Ann. Probab. 34 (2), 743-778, (March 2006) DOI: 10.1214/009117905000000648
KEYWORDS: Enlargement of filtration, logarithmic utility, utility maximization, heterogeneous information, insider model, Shannon information, information difference, Entropy, differential entropy, 60H30, 94A17, 91B16, 60G44
Claudio Landim, Glauco Valle
Ann. Probab. 34 (2), 779-803, (March 2006) DOI: 10.1214/009117905000000701
KEYWORDS: Exclusion processes, Cauchy–Stefan problem, Hydrodynamic limit, 60K35
Mark Conger, D. Viswanath
Ann. Probab. 34 (2), 804-819, (March 2006) DOI: 10.1214/009117905000000675
KEYWORDS: Descents, multisets, riffle shuffles, 60C05, 60J20
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