VOL. 197 · NO. 3 | May 2023
Antoine Song
Ann. of Math. (2) 197 (3), 859-895, (May 2023) DOI: 10.4007/annals.2023.197.3.1
KEYWORDS: minimal surface, min-max theory, widths, 53A10, 53C42
Patrick Allen, Frank Calegari, Ana Caraiani, Toby Gee, David Helm, Bao Le Hung, James Newton, Peter Scholze, Richard Taylor, Jack Thorne
Ann. of Math. (2) 197 (3), 897-1113, (May 2023) DOI: 10.4007/annals.2023.197.3.2
KEYWORDS: Galois representations, automorphic forms, 11F80, 11F55, 11F75, 11G18
Tim Browning, Pierre Le Boudec, Will Sawin
Ann. of Math. (2) 197 (3), 1115-1203, (May 2023) DOI: 10.4007/annals.2023.197.3.3
KEYWORDS: Hasse principle, Fano hypersurfaces, rational points, heights, 11D45, 11G50, 11P21, 14G05
Leon Simon
Ann. of Math. (2) 197 (3), 1205-1234, (May 2023) DOI: 10.4007/annals.2023.197.3.4
KEYWORDS: minimal submanifold, strict stability, singular set, 28A75, 35A30, 53C23
Kevin Coulembier, Pavel Etingof, Victor Ostrik, Alexander Kleshchev
Ann. of Math. (2) 197 (3), 1235-1279, (May 2023) DOI: 10.4007/annals.2023.197.3.5
KEYWORDS: tensor categories, Verlinde category, Frobenius functor, modular representations, 18M05, 14L15, 16T05, 20C20
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