VOL. 9 · NO. 4 | November 2018
Si-Tao Ling, Rui-Rui Wang, Qing-Bing Liu
Ann. Funct. Anal. 9 (4), 435-450, (November 2018) DOI: 10.1215/20088752-2017-0059 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hermitian least squares solution, perturbation bound, contraction matrix, norm-preserving dilation, nearest solution, ‎15A24‎, ‎15A09, 47A55
Michael Ruzhansky, Durvudkhan Suragan
Ann. Funct. Anal. 9 (4), 451-462, (November 2018) DOI: 10.1215/20088752-2017-0060 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hardy inequality, Rellich inequality, stability, remainder term, homogeneous Lie group, 22E30, 43A80
Xiaoyan Zhou, Junsheng Fang, Shilin Wen
Ann. Funct. Anal. 9 (4), 463-473, (November 2018) DOI: 10.1215/20088752-2017-0061 Open Access
KEYWORDS: C-numerical radius, finite factors, weakly unitarily invariant norm, λ-Aluthge transform, 47A12, 46L10
Boting Jia, Youling Feng
Ann. Funct. Anal. 9 (4), 474-484, (November 2018) DOI: 10.1215/20088752-2017-0062 Open Access
KEYWORDS: pseudospectrum, spectrum, normal approximate eigenvalues, normaloid operators, 47A10, 47B20
Yuanhang Zhang
Ann. Funct. Anal. 9 (4), 485-499, (November 2018) DOI: 10.1215/20088752-2017-0063 Open Access
KEYWORDS: AF algebra, automorphism of order 2, real rank zero, tracial Rokhlin property, 46L05, 46L35
José Claudinei Ferreira, Suélen Almeida Carvalho
Ann. Funct. Anal. 9 (4), 500-513, (November 2018) DOI: 10.1215/20088752-2017-0064 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Integral‎ ‎Operators, trace formula, trace class, 42B25, 45H05, 47B10, 47B34
Mohammad Reza Ghanei, Mehdi Nemati
Ann. Funct. Anal. 9 (4), 514-524, (November 2018) DOI: 10.1215/20088752-2017-0065 Open Access
KEYWORDS: locally compact quantum group, operator approximate biprojectivity, tensor product of compact quantum groups, 46L89, 46M10, 46L07
Raúl E. Curto, Seonguk Yoo
Ann. Funct. Anal. 9 (4), 525-536, (November 2018) DOI: 10.1215/20088752-2017-0066 Open Access
KEYWORDS: cubic moment problem, recursively determinate moment matrix, flat extension, semidefinite programming, 47B35, 47A30, 15A83, 15A60, 15A48
S. Qi, Y. Liu, Y. Zhang
Ann. Funct. Anal. 9 (4), 537-550, (November 2018) DOI: 10.1215/20088752-2017-0067 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Schrödinger operators, $\mathrm{BMO}_{\mathcal{L}}$ space, Carleson measure, 35J10, 42B20, 42B30
J. Laali, R. Ramezani
Ann. Funct. Anal. 9 (4), 551-565, (November 2018) DOI: 10.1215/20088752-2018-0001 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hypergroup, approximate amenability, involution, left-amenable, 43A62, 46K05, ‎43A07‎
László Horváth
Ann. Funct. Anal. 9 (4), 566-573, (November 2018) DOI: 10.1215/20088752-2018-0002 Open Access
KEYWORDS: normal operators, convexity, Jensen-type inequalities, 47A63, 26A51‎
Nacib Albuquerque, Gustavo Araújo, Wasthenny Cavalcante, Tony Nogueira, Daniel Núñez, Daniel Pellegrino, Pilar Rueda
Ann. Funct. Anal. 9 (4), 574-590, (November 2018) DOI: 10.1215/20088752-2018-0026 Open Access
KEYWORDS: absolutely summing operators, Hardy–Littlewood inequality, linearization of multilinear mappings, 47A63, 47H60‎
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