Electronic Communications in Probability

The Electronic Communications in Probability (ECP) publishes short research articles in probability theory. Its sister journal, the Electronic Journal of Probability (EJP), publishes full-length articles in probability theory. Short papers, those less than 12 pages, should be submitted to ECP first. EJP and ECP share the same editorial board, but with different Editors in Chief.

EJP and ECP are free access official journals of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) and the Bernoulli Society.

Author or publication fees are not required. Voluntary fees or donations to the Open Access Fund are accepted. Copyright for all articles in ECP is CC BY 4.0.

Top downloads over the last seven days

A simple proof of the Poincaré inequality for a large class of probability measuresDominique Bakry, Franck Barthe, Patrick Cattiaux, and Arnaud Guillin Volume 13 (2008)
High points of branching Brownian motion and McKean’s Martingale in the Bovier-Hartung extremal processConstantin Glenz, Nicola Kistler, and Marius A. Schmidt Volume 23 (2018)
A stochastic model for the evolution of species with random fitnessDaniela Bertacchi, Jüri Lember, and Fabio Zucca Volume 23 (2018)
Slowdown estimates for one-dimensional random walks in random environment with holding timesAmir Dembo, Ryoki Fukushima, and Naoki Kubota Volume 23 (2018)
Poisson-Dirichlet statistics for the extremes of a randomized Riemann zeta functionFrédéric Ouimet Volume 23 (2018)
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  • Publisher: The Institute of Mathematical Statistics and the Bernoulli Society
  • Discipline(s): Statistics and Probability
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