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  • J. Appl. Math.
  • Volume 2014, Special Issue (2014), Article ID 207428, 12 pages.

Multiobjective Transmission Network Planning considering the Uncertainty and Correlation of Wind Power

Yuan Hu, Zhaohong Bie, Yanling Lin, Guangtao Ning, Mingfan Chen, and Yujie Gao

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In order to consider the uncertainty and correlation of wind power in multiobjective transmission network expansion planning (TNEP), this paper presents an extended point-estimation method to calculate the probabilistic power flow, based on which the correlative power outputs of wind farm are sampled and the uncertain multiobjective transmission network planning model is transformed into a solvable deterministic model. A modified epsilon multiobjective evolutionary algorithm is used to solve the above model and a well-distributed Pareto front is achieved, and then the final planning scheme can be obtained from the set of nondominated solutions by a fuzzy satisfied method. The proposed method only needs the first four statistical moments and correlation coefficients of the output power of wind farms as input information; the modeling of wind power is more precise by considering the correlation between wind farms, and it can be easily combined with the multiobjective transmission network planning model. Besides, as the self-adaptive probabilities of crossover and mutation are adopted, the global search capabilities of the proposed algorithm can be significantly improved while the probability of being stuck in the local optimum is effectively reduced. The accuracy and efficiency of the proposed method are validated by IEEE 24 as well as a real system.

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J. Appl. Math., Volume 2014, Special Issue (2014), Article ID 207428, 12 pages.

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Hu, Yuan; Bie, Zhaohong; Lin, Yanling; Ning, Guangtao; Chen, Mingfan; Gao, Yujie. Multiobjective Transmission Network Planning considering the Uncertainty and Correlation of Wind Power. J. Appl. Math. 2014, Special Issue (2014), Article ID 207428, 12 pages. doi:10.1155/2014/207428.

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