African Journal of Applied Statistics

The African Journal of Applied Statistics (AJAS) publishes original articles on applied sciences, preferably using African data. AJAS supports African development in terms of production, analysis, and utilization of its data. The journal has been published since 2014 as an official organ of the Statistics and Probability African Society (SPAS) (Société Pan Africaine de Statistiques).

Top downloads over the last seven days

A statistical analysis of fatalities resulting from Boko Haram activitiesEmmanuel AFUECHETA, Chigozie UTAZI, and Diego Andrés Pérez RUIZVolume 3, Number 1 (2016)
Unobserved Heterogeneity in Determinants of Under-five Mortality in Nigeria: Frailty Modeling in Survival AnalysisAdeniyi Francis FAGBAMIGBE, Rotimi Felix AFOLABI, Kofoworola Yussuf ALADE, Ayo Stephen ADEBOWALE, and Bidemi Oyindamola YUSUFVolume 6, Number 1 (2019)
Classification of the Gambian Online Newspapers by keywords : an unsupervized study and Data Streaming PlatformGane Samb LO, Babanding SANYANG, and Saidou MS BADJIEVolume 5, Number 1 (2018)
Robust Regression Using Multiple Repeated Median of SlopeBamidele Mustapha OSENIVolume 4, Number 1 (2017)
Modelling Clustered Survival Data with Competing RisksOlubimpe Mercy OLADUTI and Benjamin Agboola OYEJOLAVolume 6, Number 1 (2019)
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