Accessing Project Euclid

Please refer to our Collections, titles and ordering page for specific details regarding access to Project Euclid journals.

To register an individual subscription to a title, see Entering journal subscriptions below.

Some publishers control access based on the years in which you were a subscriber. If you can access some years but not others, please check with the publisher for their online access policy.

Some publishers allow non-subscribers to purchase articles with a credit card on a pay-per-view basis.

Please Note: While Project Euclid controls access to a number of the journals available through our site, access to others is controlled by the publisher. Please see the Collections, titles and ordering page for additional information.

How to log in to Project Euclid

Logging in to Euclid identifies you to the system. This may be necessary in order to view or download full text, depending on whether you have access to particular journals through an individual subscription or membership (as opposed to institutional access, for which you do not need to log in).

Some services require user login, such as the ability to register for Table of Contents alerts.

To log in to Project Euclid, click on the "Log in" link at the very top or bottom of the screen. After logging into Project Euclid, the "Log in" selection will change to "Log out." It's important to log out when you are done using Project Euclid so that others do not have access to your user profile.

Before logging in for the first time, you must create a MyEuclid account. See the section immediately below.

Creating a MyEuclid account

Before logging in to Project Euclid for the first time, you must create a MyEuclid account, which registers your identity with Project Euclid. To get to this brief registration form, click on "Log in" (top or bottom of screen) and expand the section for logging in "as a user, to a MyEuclid account." Then click "Create a MyEuclid account" below the login boxes.

Project Euclid Privacy Policy: The information you supply to Project Euclid will be used to verify your identity, confirm your journal subscriptions, and provide services you explicitly request. It will be accessible only to Project Euclid staff and to the publishers of the journals to which you subscribe. It will not be used for other purposes or made available to any other parties.

Condition of Use: A MyEuclid account is for use by a single individual registrant only, and its transference to another person or group is prohibited.

Your MyEuclid account login name will be your email address. This email address must be unique within Euclid. If it is already in use, you will be prompted to select another. If you have previously created an account and forgotten the password, you may recover your account information by selecting "Forgot your password?" under the login boxes.

Your password is case-sensitive and may contain any standard ASCII characters. You may change your password at any time.

While creating a MyEuclid account, you may register your personal subscriptions so that you will have access to these journals. See the section Entering Journal Subscriptions, below.

You may alter or add to your MyEuclid account at any time after you create it. Do this by clicking "MyEuclid," which will appear next to the "Log out" link in the top right of the Euclid screen.

Entering journal subscriptions

Most visitors to Project Euclid will access the full text of journal articles by means of institutional subscriptions, either to Euclid Prime or to individual titles (see Collections, titles and ordering information). This method of access is by IP address and should be invisible to users.

Some publishers may allow individual subscribers to access their publications via a login/password method. To access journal content in this way, you must register that subscription in your MyEuclid account profile. To do this, follow the instructions below for registering individual journal subscriptions.

Before registering a subscription, you must receive from your journal's publisher a subscriber code specifically for use in Project Euclid. A subscriber code is unique (only one person can use it). Publishers may distribute these codes in different ways, so you will need to contact your journal's publisher if you have not received anything from them already about this. For contact information, see any journal links included on the Project Euclid pages for that journal.

Instructions for registering individual journal subscriptions

  1. Create a MyEuclid account (see above).
  2. Choose a password. You may change it later.
  3. In the "Personal Subscription Registration" section of the form, select the publication title that you are registering in the pull-down menu.
  4. Below or next to the publication title, enter the subscriber code given to you by the journal publisher. (After registration, you should no longer need this code.)
  5. For every journal subscription you are registering, repeat steps 3 and 4 in a new box. (If you run out of boxes, submit the form and then click the "MyEuclid" link at the top of the screen.)
  6. Submit the form by clicking the "Create MyEuclid Account" button.

You should now have access to the full text of the journals registered. On future visits, you need only log in to Project Euclid with your email address and password to get access to all your registered journals.