Open access on Project Euclid

75% of the scholarship hosted on Project Euclid is freely available to readers everywhere. Many subscription-based journals on the platform make their issues open access three to five years after publication. And many other titles are entirely open.

Project Euclid supports the goal of disseminating scholarly literature as widely as possible. By partnering with Project Euclid, publishers of open access journals and monographs benefit from the full range of features on Euclid's robust platform. Euclid connects open access titles with a global readership and works closely with indexers and discovery services to make publications easy to find, read, and cite.

Project Euclid's small team develops and maintains the platform and is dedicated to fulfilling Project Euclid's mission. We are entirely self-supported, and we charge annual hosting fees to help sustain the operation. We recognize, however, that the circumstances of each publisher are unique. We will consider discounted service fees for open access titles. Please contact us to learn more.