Linking to Euclid

Project Euclid encourages and facilitates linking into our system. We have built tools to make linking into Euclid easier, and we share article-level metadata with others.

Links to journal home page

Although a journal's current issue will change frequently, every journal has a simple Euclid URL that links to its most recent issue. These URLs are published on our journal browse pages. For example:

  • Statistical Science:
  • Acta Mathematica:

Links to abstract pages

It is possible to link directly to an article or chapter abstract page. The easiest method is to use the Euclid Permanent URL for the article, which is displayed on every article's abstract page:

Another method of linking to articles is to use CrossRef's DOI resolver URL together with the article DOI:

Euclid article identifiers are published on every article abstract page. Identifiers can also be harvested (see below). If available, DOIs will be included on the article abstract page.

Harvesting article indentifiers (via IDlookup)

It is possible to harvest Euclid article identifiers for batch processing using our IDlookup tool. This tool requires three arguments: journal ISSN, volume number, article start page number.

Example IDlookup request:

Example response (with match): 0091-1798|27|166|euclid.aop/1022677258