Tusi Mathematical Research Group

The Tusi Mathematical Research Group (TMRG) is a non-profit professional scholarly organization that promotes the development, dissemination, and enhancement of research in various disciplines of functional analysis, harmonic analysis, operator theory, and linear algebra. TMRG is authenticated by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and in recent years it has co-organized several national meetings. TMRG's goals are to advance scientific boundaries, move toward a knowledge-centered society, create a scientifically active environment, train talented students, and publish research and scientific articles.

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Homomorphic conditional expectations as noncommutative retractions Robert Pluta and Bernard Russo Advances in Operator Theory, Volume 2, Number 4 (2017)
$C^*$-algebra distance filters Tristan Bice and Alessandro Vignati Advances in Operator Theory, Volume 3, Number 3 (2018)
The structure of fractional spaces generated by a two-dimensional neutron transport operator and its applications Allaberen Ashyralyev and Abdulgafur Taskin Advances in Operator Theory (2018)
Fixed points of contractions and cyclic contractions on $C^{*}$-algebra-valued $b$-metric spaces Zoran Kadelburg, Antonella Nastasi, Stojan Radenović, and Pasquale Vetro Advances in Operator Theory, Volume 1, Number 1 (2016)
Affine actions and the Yang–Baxter equation Dilian Yang Advances in Operator Theory, Volume 3, Number 3 (2018)