Hiroshima University, Department of Mathematics

The Mathematics Department at Hiroshima University is organized mainly by staff in the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Integral Arts and Sciences. Research groups are divided into the following fields: Algebra, Geometry and Topology, Mathematical Analysis, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, and Geometric and Algebraic Analysis.

Top downloads over the last seven days

A local Crank-Nicolson method for solving the heat equation Abdurishit Abuduwali, Michio Sakakihara, and Hiroshi Niki Hiroshima Mathematical Journal, Volume 24, Number 1 (1994)
A multiple conjugation biquandle and handlebody-links Atsushi Ishii, Masahide Iwakiri, Seiichi Kamada, Jieon Kim, Shosaku Matsuzaki, and Kanako Oshiro Hiroshima Mathematical Journal, Volume 48, Number 1 (2018)
Stochastic differential equations with reflecting boundary condition in convex regions Hiroshi Tanaka Hiroshima Mathematical Journal, Volume 9, Number 1 (1979)
Existence and periodicity of weak solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations in a time dependent domain Tetsuro Miyakawa and Yoshiaki Teramoto Hiroshima Mathematical Journal, Volume 12, Number 3 (1982)
On a Riemannian submanifold whose slice representation has no nonzero fixed points Yuichiro Taketomi Hiroshima Mathematical Journal, Volume 48, Number 1 (2018)