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An independent not-for-profit foundation for study and research in the mathematical sciences, the Applied Probability Trust serves the mathematical community by providing a publishing forum for research and review.

Subscription Notice

In 2016, the Applied Probability Trust moved Advances in Applied Probability and the Journal of Applied Probability to an alternate publishing platform.

Because these two titles were included in several consortial arrangements negotiated by Euclid, journal issues published from 2011 through 2016 will remain in Project Euclid. Earlier issues, published from 1998 through 2010 and once hosted on Euclid, were removed in March 2018 at the request of the publisher. Subscribers who are not part of the consortial arrangements should visit the Applied Probability Trust subscriptions page regarding their current online subscription access.

Top downloads over the last seven days

Exact estimation for Markov chain equilibrium expectations Peter W. Glynn and Chang-Han Rhee Journal of Applied Probability, Volume 51A (2014)
Multivariate Hawkes Processes: an Application to Financial Data Paul Embrechts, Thomas Liniger, and Lu Lin Journal of Applied Probability, Volume 48A (2011)
Statistics for Poisson models of overlapping spheres Daniel Hug, Günter Last, Zbynȫk Pawlas, and Wolfgang Weil Advances in Applied Probability, Volume 46, Number 4 (2014)
Joint vertex degrees in the inhomogeneous random graph model G(n, {p<sub> ij </sub>}) Kaisheng Lin and Gesine Reinert Advances in Applied Probability, Volume 44, Number 1 (2012)
Sample-path optimal stationary policies in stable Markov decision chains with the average reward criterion Rolando Cavazos-Cadena, Raúl Montes-de-Oca, and Karel Sladký Journal of Applied Probability, Volume 52, Number 2 (2015)