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Subscription Notice

The APT has partnered with Cambridge University Press to market and host the Journal of Applied Probability and the Advances in Applied Probability beginning in 2016.

APT has licensed Project Euclid to include both these titles in several consortial arrangements through 2016. To ensure that Project Euclid continues to fulfill the terms of those arrangements, the article content of both journals is therefore made available to those subscribers via Project Euclid through 2016. Subscribers who are not part of those arrangements should contact Cambridge University Press regarding their current online subscription access.

Top downloads over the last seven days

On the effect of finite buffer truncation in a two-node Jackson network Yutaka Sakuma and Masakiyo Miyazawa Journal of Applied Probability, Volume 42, Number 1 (2005)
Multivariate Hawkes Processes: an Application to Financial Data Paul Embrechts, Thomas Liniger, and Lu Lin Journal of Applied Probability, Volume 48A (2011)
The stochastic filtering problem: a brief historical account Dan Crisan Journal of Applied Probability, Volume 51A (2014)
Epidemics on random graphs with tunable clustering Tom Britton, Maria Deijfen, Andreas N. Lagerås, and Mathias Lindholm Journal of Applied Probability, Volume 45, Number 3 (2008)
Asymptotics of visibility in the hyperbolic plane Johan Tykesson and Pierre Calka Advances in Applied Probability, Volume 45, Number 2 (2013)