VOL. 52 · NO. 1 | 2008
Front Matter
Publ. Mat. 52 (1), (2008)
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Paul C. Eklof
Publ. Mat. 52 (1), 3-18, (2008)
KEYWORDS: Singular cardinal, singular compactness, almost free module, Baer module, tilting module, 16D70, 03E75, 16D40, 20K99
Cyril Agrafeuil, Mohamed Zarrabi
Publ. Mat. 52 (1), 19-56, (2008)
KEYWORDS: closed ideals, Banach algebras, Ditkin condition, 46J20, ‎46J15
Tom Brady, José Burillo, Sean Cleary, Melanie Stein
Publ. Mat. 52 (1), 57-89, (2008)
KEYWORDS: Thompson’s groups, braid groups, pure braids, braided tree diagrams, 20F65, 20F36, 20F05, 20E22
Stanislav Hencl
Publ. Mat. 52 (1), 91-99, (2008)
KEYWORDS: Functions of bounded variation, inverse, 26B30
A. L. Bernardis, F. J. Martín-Reyes
Publ. Mat. 52 (1), 101-127, (2008)
KEYWORDS: Differential transforms, Cesàro averages, weight, 42B25
Francesc Perera, Mercedes Siles Molina
Publ. Mat. 52 (1), 129-149, (2008)
KEYWORDS: Lie algebra, algebra of quotients, multiplicative semiprime algebra, dense extension, 17B60, 16N60, 16S90
Leonid A. Kurdachenko, José M. Muñoz-Escolano, Javier Otal
Publ. Mat. 52 (1), 151-169, (2008)
KEYWORDS: Locally nilpotent group, linear group, central dimension of a linear group, weak minimal condition, weak maximal condition, 20F22, 20H20
Josip Globevnik
Publ. Mat. 52 (1), 171-188, (2008)
KEYWORDS: Argument principle, meromorphic extensions., 30E25
F. E. Brochero Martínez, F. Cano, L. López-Hernanz
Publ. Mat. 52 (1), 189-194, (2008)
KEYWORDS: dynamical systems, discrete dynamics, parabolic curves, ‎exponential map, blow-ups, 32H02, 32H50, 37F99
Thomas H. Otway
Publ. Mat. 52 (1), 195-234, (2008)
KEYWORDS: Elliptic-hyperbolic equations, energy inequalities, closed boundary-value problems, symmetric-positive operators, equations of Keldysh type, 35M10, 35D05, 82D10
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