VOL. 5 · NO. 6 | dec 1999
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Bernoulli 5 (6), (dec 1999)
Bernoulli 5 (6), (dec 1999)
August A. Balkema, Claudia Klüppelberg, Sidney I. Resnick
Bernoulli 5 (6), 951-968, (dec 1999)
KEYWORDS: affine transformation, asymptotic normality, convergence of types, cumulant generating function, exponential family, Esscher transform, gamma distribution, Gaussian tail, limit law, normal distribution, moment generating function, power norming, semistable, stochastically compact, universal distributions
Anthony G. Pakes
Bernoulli 5 (6), 969-998, (dec 1999)
KEYWORDS: branching process, conditional limit theorem, diffusion approximation, extinction time, Total progeny
Hanspeter Schmidli
Bernoulli 5 (6), 999-1012, (dec 1999)
KEYWORDS: compound distribution, extreme-value theory, integrated tail distribution, Mixed Poisson distribution, subexponential distribution
Abram Kagan, Colin L. Mallows, Larry A. Shepp, Robert J. Vanderbei, Yehuda Vardi
Bernoulli 5 (6), 1013-1020, (dec 1999)
KEYWORDS: binary random variables, linear programming, symmetrization
Bero Roos
Bernoulli 5 (6), 1021-1034, (dec 1999)
KEYWORDS: Charlier B expansion, large deviations, Moderate deviations, Poisson approximation, Poisson-binomial distribution, probability metrics
Miklós Csörgö, Zhan Shi, Marc Yor
Bernoulli 5 (6), 1035-1058, (dec 1999)
KEYWORDS: Brownian bridge, empirical process, Local time
Alexander A. Gushchin, Uwe Küchler
Bernoulli 5 (6), 1059-1098, (dec 1999)
KEYWORDS: likelihood function, limit theorems for martingales, local asymptotic mixed normality, local asymptotic normality, local asymptotic properties, local asymptotic quadraticity, maximum likelihood estimator, Stochastic differential equations, time delay
Alexander Korostelev, Michael Nussbaum
Bernoulli 5 (6), 1099-1118, (dec 1999)
KEYWORDS: Density estimation, exact constant, optimal recovery, uniform norm risk, White noise
Juha Heikkinen, Antti Penttinen
Bernoulli 5 (6), 1119-1136, (dec 1999)
KEYWORDS: Bayesian smoothing, Gibbs processes, posterior mode estimator, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods, Marquardt algorithm, pair potential function
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Bernoulli 5 (6), (dec 1999)
Bernoulli 5 (6), (dec 1999)
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