VOL. 5 · NO. 5 | October 1999
Front Matter
Bernoulli 5 (5), (October 1999) Open Access
Bernoulli 5 (5), (October 1999) Open Access
Martin Möhle
Bernoulli 5 (5), 761-777, (October 1999) Open Access
KEYWORDS: ‎centralizer‎, duality space, generalized Jordan matrix, haploid population models, Interacting random processes, Markov chains with discrete parameter, Moran model, Population dynamics, spectral form, two-sex population models, Wright-Fisher model
David G. Hobson, David Williams, Andrew T.A. Wood
Bernoulli 5 (5), 779-795, (October 1999) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Brownian motion, Cameron-Martin-Girsanov theorem, curve-crossing probabilities, Harmonic functions, Lévy-Khinchine operator
Hermann Thorisson
Bernoulli 5 (5), 797-831, (October 1999) Open Access
KEYWORDS: coupling, Palm theory, point process, Random field, stationarity, Stochastic geometry
Morris L. Eaton, William D. Sudderth
Bernoulli 5 (5), 833-854, (October 1999) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Fisherian pivoting, Improper prior distributions, invariant predictive distribution, proper action, right Haar measure, strong inconsistency
Valentine Genon-Catalot, Thierry Jeantheau, Catherine Laredo
Bernoulli 5 (5), 855-872, (October 1999) Open Access
KEYWORDS: Diffusion processes, discrete time observations, mathematical finance, Parametric inference, stochastic volatility
Rainer Dahlhaus, Michael H. Neumann, Rainer Von Sachs
Bernoulli 5 (5), 873-906, (October 1999) Open Access
KEYWORDS: nonlinear thresholding, non-stationary processes, time series, time-varying autoregression, wavelet estimators
Alexander Goldenshluger
Bernoulli 5 (5), 907-925, (October 1999) Open Access
KEYWORDS: adaptive estimation, Deconvolution, rates of convergence
Li-Shan Huang, Jianqing Fan
Bernoulli 5 (5), 927-949, (October 1999) Open Access
KEYWORDS: asymptotic normality, equivalent kernel, local polynomial regression
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