VOL. 16 · NO. 3 | September 2021
Bayesian Anal. 16 (3), (September 2021)
No abstract available
Bayesian Anal. 16 (3), (September 2021)
No abstract available
Yuxiang Gao, Lauren Kennedy, Daniel Simpson, Andrew Gelman
Bayesian Anal. 16 (3), 719-744, (September 2021) DOI: 10.1214/20-BA1223
KEYWORDS: multilevel regression and poststratification, non-representative data, bias reduction, small-area estimation, structured prior distributions, Stan, integrated nested Laplace approximation (INLA)
Alexander Buchholz, Nicolas Chopin, Pierre E. Jacob
Bayesian Anal. 16 (3), 745-771, (September 2021) DOI: 10.1214/20-BA1222
KEYWORDS: sequential Monte Carlo, Hamiltonian Monte Carlo, 62F15, 65C05
Steven Kleinegesse, Christopher Drovandi, Michael U. Gutmann
Bayesian Anal. 16 (3), 773-802, (September 2021) DOI: 10.1214/20-BA1225
KEYWORDS: Bayesian experimental design, likelihood-free inference, mutual information, Approximate Bayesian Computation, implicit models, 62K05, 62L05
Audrey Béliveau, Paul Gustafson
Bayesian Anal. 16 (3), 803-823, (September 2021) DOI: 10.1214/20-BA1224
KEYWORDS: Bayesian inference, Bayesian network meta-analysis, contrast-based approach, disconnected network, indirect evidence, mixed treatment comparison, network meta-analysis
Thomas A. Murray, Peter F. Thall, Frederique Schortgen, Pierre Asfar, Sarah Zohar, Sandrine Katsahian
Bayesian Anal. 16 (3), 825-844, (September 2021) DOI: 10.1214/20-BA1229
KEYWORDS: commensurate prior, conditional autoregressive model, evidence synthesis, intensive care unit, non-proportional hazards, restricted mean survival
Emilio Porcu, Pier Giovanni Bissiri, Felipe Tagle, Rubén Soza, Fernando A. Quintana
Bayesian Anal. 16 (3), 845-873, (September 2021) DOI: 10.1214/20-BA1228
KEYWORDS: correlation function, great-circle distance, mean square differentiability, nonparametric Bayes, spheres
Teng Wu, Naveen N. Narisetty
Bayesian Anal. 16 (3), 875-903, (September 2021) DOI: 10.1214/20-BA1217
KEYWORDS: Bayesian quantile regression, multiple quantile regression, working likelihood, Adaptive importance sampling
Alan Benson, Nial Friel
Bayesian Anal. 16 (3), 905-931, (September 2021) DOI: 10.1214/20-BA1230
KEYWORDS: Conway-Maxwell-Poisson distribution, dispersed count data, intractable likelihoods, rejection sampling, 62F15, 62J12
Tim van Erven, Botond Szabó
Bayesian Anal. 16 (3), 933-960, (September 2021) DOI: 10.1214/20-BA1227
KEYWORDS: spike-and-slab prior, Model selection, High-dimensional statistics, 62G05, 62F15
Allard Hendriksen, Rianne de Heide, Peter Grünwald
Bayesian Anal. 16 (3), 961-989, (September 2021) DOI: 10.1214/20-BA1234
KEYWORDS: Bayesian testing, optional stopping, Bayes factors, group invariance, right Haar prior
Lane F. Burgette, David Puelz, P. Richard Hahn
Bayesian Anal. 16 (3), 991-1008, (September 2021) DOI: 10.1214/20-BA1233
KEYWORDS: base category, discrete choice, Gibbs sampler, sum-to-zero identification
Miguel González, Carmen Minuesa, Inés del Puerto, Anand N. Vidyashankar
Bayesian Anal. 16 (3), 1009-1037, (September 2021) DOI: 10.1214/20-BA1239
KEYWORDS: branching process, controlled process, disparity measures, robustness, Bayesian inference, 60J80, 62M05
Riddhi Pratim Ghosh, Bani Mallick, Mohsen Pourahmadi
Bayesian Anal. 16 (3), 1039-1058, (September 2021) DOI: 10.1214/20-BA1237
KEYWORDS: angular parameterization, Cholesky decomposition, longitudinal data, selection, shrinkage, structured correlation matrix
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