VOL. 8 · NO. 6 | 2015
Scipio Cuccagna, Masaya Maeda
Anal. PDE 8 (6), 1289-1349, (2015) DOI: 10.2140/apde.2015.8.1289 Open Access
KEYWORDS: nonlinear Schroedinger equation, asymptotic stability, 35Q55
Grégoire Nadin, Luca Rossi
Anal. PDE 8 (6), 1351-1377, (2015) DOI: 10.2140/apde.2015.8.1351 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Fisher–KPP equation, Reaction-diffusion, Traveling waves, generalized transition waves, generalized principal eigenvalues, 35B40, 35K10, 35K57, 35P05, 35B51
Jan Sbierski
Anal. PDE 8 (6), 1379-1420, (2015) DOI: 10.2140/apde.2015.8.1379 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Gaussian beams, characterisation of energy, spacetime, 35R01, 83C57
Roberto Monti, Davide Vittone
Anal. PDE 8 (6), 1421-1454, (2015) DOI: 10.2140/apde.2015.8.1421 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Heisenberg group, regularity of $H$-minimal surfaces, height estimate, slicing formula, 49Q05, 53C17
Luc Molinet, Stéphane Vento
Anal. PDE 8 (6), 1455-1495, (2015) DOI: 10.2140/apde.2015.8.1455 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Benjamin–Ono equation, intermediate long wave equation, dispersion generalized Benjamin–Ono equation, well-posedness, unconditional uniqueness, 35E15, 35Q53, 35A02
Jessica Lin, Charles Smart
Anal. PDE 8 (6), 1497-1539, (2015) DOI: 10.2140/apde.2015.8.1497 Open Access
KEYWORDS: quantitative stochastic homogenization, error estimates, parabolic regularity theory, 35K55, 35K10
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