VOL. 15 · NO. 8 | 2022
Xi Chen
Anal. PDE 15 (8), 1861-1878, (2022) DOI: 10.2140/apde.2022.15.1861
KEYWORDS: hyperbolic spaces, uniform Sobolev inequalities, Eigenvalues, Schrödinger operators, 35J10, 35P15, 58C40
Quoc-Hung Nguyen, Nguyen Cong Phuc
Anal. PDE 15 (8), 1879-1895, (2022) DOI: 10.2140/apde.2022.15.1879
KEYWORDS: quasilinear equation, Riccati-type equation, measure data, good-λ inequality, Muckenhoupt–Wheeden-type inequality, weighted norm inequality, capacity, 35J60, 35J61, 35J62, 35J75, 42B37
Aleks Jevnikar, Rafael López-Soriano, María Medina, David Ruiz
Anal. PDE 15 (8), 1897-1931, (2022) DOI: 10.2140/apde.2022.15.1897
KEYWORDS: prescribed curvature problem, conformal metric, blow-up analysis, Pohozaev-type identity, 35B44, 35J20, 58J32
Seung-Yeon Ryoo
Anal. PDE 15 (8), 1933-1990, (2022) DOI: 10.2140/apde.2022.15.1933
KEYWORDS: Carnot group, snowflake embedding, Nash–Moser iteration, Lovász local lemma, concentration of measure, 30L05
Giona Veronelli
Anal. PDE 15 (8), 1991-2002, (2022) DOI: 10.2140/apde.2022.15.1991
KEYWORDS: Sobolev spaces on manifolds, manifolds with unbounded geometry, density problems, Calderón–Zygmund inequalities, 46E35, 53C20
Camillo De Lellis, Hyunju Kwon
Anal. PDE 15 (8), 2003-2059, (2022) DOI: 10.2140/apde.2022.15.2003
KEYWORDS: Euler equations, Onsager’s conjecture, the local energy inequality, convex integration, 35Q31, 35D30, 76B03
Wencai Liu
Anal. PDE 15 (8), 2061-2108, (2022) DOI: 10.2140/apde.2022.15.2061
KEYWORDS: multiscale analysis, large-deviation theorem, Discrepancy, semialgebraic sets, Cartan’s techniques, Anderson localization, 81Q10, 37C55, 82B44
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