VOL. 11 · NO. 8 | 2017
Jordan Ellenberg, Lillian Pierce, Melanie Wood
Algebra Number Theory 11 (8), 1739-1778, (2017) DOI: 10.2140/ant.2017.11.1739 Open Access
KEYWORDS: number fields, class groups, Cohen–Lenstra heuristics, sieves, 11R29, 11N36, 11R45
Andre Chatzistamatiou, Marc Levine
Algebra Number Theory 11 (8), 1779-1835, (2017) DOI: 10.2140/ant.2017.11.1779 Open Access
KEYWORDS: algebraic cycles, decomposition of the diagonal, 14C25
Tom Lovering
Algebra Number Theory 11 (8), 1837-1890, (2017) DOI: 10.2140/ant.2017.11.1837 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Shimura varieties, automorphic vector bundles, integral models, Shimura, abelian type, 11G18, 14G35
Bregje Pauwels
Algebra Number Theory 11 (8), 1891-1920, (2017) DOI: 10.2140/ant.2017.11.1891 Open Access
KEYWORDS: tensor triangulated category, separable, etale, Galois, ring-object, stable category, 18BXX, 16GXX, 18Gxx
Ashay Burungale, Haruzo Hida
Algebra Number Theory 11 (8), 1921-1951, (2017) DOI: 10.2140/ant.2017.11.1921 Open Access
KEYWORDS: Hilbert modular Shimura variety, Hecke stable subvariety, Iwasawa $\mu$-invariant, Katz $p$-adic L-function, 11G18, 19F27
Stefanos Papanikolopoulos, Samir Siksek
Algebra Number Theory 11 (8), 1953-1965, (2017) DOI: 10.2140/ant.2017.11.1953 Open Access
KEYWORDS: cubic hypersurfaces, rational points, Mordell–Weil problem, 14G05, 11G35
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