VOL. 4 · NO. 2 | Spring 2019
Khursheed J‎. ‎Ansari, M. ‎Mursaleen, A. H. ‎Al-Abeid
Adv. Oper. Theory 4 (2), 321-341, (Spring 2019) DOI: 10.15352/aot.1804-1350
KEYWORDS: Szász operator‎ ‎, rate of convergence, weighted approximation, ‎$A$-statistical approximation, function of bounded variation, 41A10, 41A25, 41A28, 41A36
Ajda Fošner, Wu Jing
Adv. Oper. Theory 4 (2), 342-350, (Spring 2019) DOI: 10.15352/aot.1804-1341
KEYWORDS: Lie centralizer‎, ‎centralizer‎, ‎triangular ring‎, ‎nest algebra, 16W25, 47L35, 47B47
Bela Nagy
Adv. Oper. Theory 4 (2), 351-368, (Spring 2019) DOI: 10.15352/aot.1804-1355
KEYWORDS: Hilbert space, ‎general spectral theorem, ‎partial isometry valued measure‎, ‎‎closed densely defined linear operator, ‎canonical factorization‎, 47B25, 47A60, 47B15
Ioana Ghenciu
Adv. Oper. Theory 4 (2), 369-387, (Spring 2019) DOI: 10.15352/aot.1802-1318
KEYWORDS: $p$-Gelfand Phillips property‎, ‎‎limited $p$-convergent operator‎, ‎Dunford-Pettis property of order $p$‎, ‎ $DP^*$-property of order $p$, 46B20, 46B25, 46B28
Cihan Unal, Ismail Aydın
Adv. Oper. Theory 4 (2), 388-405, (Spring 2019) DOI: 10.15352/aot.1803-1335
KEYWORDS: compact embedding, ‎‎weighted variable exponent Sobolev space‎, weighted Lebesgue space, 46E35, 43A15, 46E30
Mhelmar A‎. ‎Labendia, Jayrold P‎. ‎Arcede
Adv. Oper. Theory 4 (2), 406-418, (Spring 2019) DOI: 10.15352/aot.1808-1406
KEYWORDS: Itô-Henstock integral‎‎, ‎$Q$-Wiener process‎, ‎orthogonal increment property, 60H30, 60H05
Terje Hõim, D‎. ‎A‎. ‎Robbins
Adv. Oper. Theory 4 (2), 419-427, (Spring 2019) DOI: 10.15352/aot.1805-1370
KEYWORDS: irreducible representation, bundle of Banach algebras, ‎cover-strict topology‎‎, cover topology, 46H25, 46H10
Zalina A‎. ‎Kusraeva
Adv. Oper. Theory 4 (2), 428-446, (Spring 2019) DOI: 10.15352/aot.1807-1394
KEYWORDS: ‎vector lattice‎‎, ‎multilinear operator‎, homogeneous polynomial, ‎ ‎factorization, 47H60‎, 46G25, 47A40
ِDiana Andrei
Adv. Oper. Theory 4 (2), 447-461, (Spring 2019) DOI: 10.15352/aot.1804-1346
KEYWORDS: multicentric calculus‎‎, ‎commuting operator ‎, ‎lemniscate‎, ‎ ‎von Neumann's inequality‎, ‎ ‎homogeneous polynomial, 47A60, ‎46E20‎, 47A13, 47A25
T. M. ‎‎Asfaw
Adv. Oper. Theory 4 (2), 462-480, (Spring 2019) DOI: 10.15352/aot.1809-1423
KEYWORDS: variational inequality, compact resolvent‎ ‎, ‎constrained problems‎‎, ‎ ‎elliptic and parabolic problems, 47H20, 47H14
A. ‎Kalauch, S. ‎Lavanya, K. C. ‎Sivakumar
Adv. Oper. Theory 4 (2), 481-496, (Spring 2019) DOI: 10.15352/aot.1806-1383
KEYWORDS: $M$-operator‎, ‎positive stability ‎, invertibility, ‎ ‎irreducibility‎, 47B60, 15B48, ‎46B40, 47B65
Mohamed Saad Bouh Elemine Vall, Ahmed Ahmed
Adv. Oper. Theory 4 (2), 497-513, (Spring 2019) DOI: 10.15352/aot.1808-1409
KEYWORDS: Neumann elliptic problem‎‎, Gradient System, Weak solution, ‎ variational principle‎, ‎ anisotropic variable exponent Sobolev space, 34A34, 35D30, 35J50
Fuli Wang, Hua Zhou, Shiyou Weng
Adv. Oper. Theory 4 (2), 514-528, (Spring 2019) DOI: 10.15352/aot.1807-1400
KEYWORDS: Fréchet space‎, ‎infinite system of differential equation ‎, ‎‎measures of weak noncompactness‎, ‎ ‎fixed point, 45G15, 45M99‎, 46A04
Antoine Derighetti
Adv. Oper. Theory 4 (2), 529-538, (Spring 2019) DOI: 10.15352/aot.1809-1417
KEYWORDS: locally compact group, ‎set of spectral synthesis ‎, ‎‎‎extension property, 43A15, 43A22
E. ‎Azroul‎, A. ‎Benkirane‎, M. ‎Shimi‎
Adv. Oper. Theory 4 (2), 539-555, (Spring 2019) DOI: 10.15352/aot.1809-1420
KEYWORDS: Ekeland's variational principle, ‎‎fractional $p(x)$-Laplacian operator, ‎fractional Sobolev spaces with variable exponent, ‎ ‎‎eigenvalues problem, 35R11, 35P30, 35J20
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