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Individual access
Institutional access


What is Project Euclid?

Project Euclid is a nonprofit online publishing service that provides access to journals, monographs, and conference proceedings in the fields of theoretical mathematics and statistics. Its mission is to advance scholarly communication in these fields, and it is designed to address the unique needs of low-cost independent and society journals. Through a collaborative partnership arrangement, these publishers are able to join forces and participate in an online presence without sacrificing their intellectual or economic independence or commitment to low subscription prices. Supported by a combination of subscriber and publisher fees, Project Euclid is able to make 70% of its content available without any access restrictions. The end result is a vibrant online information community.

Project Euclid was developed and deployed by the Cornell University Library and is jointly managed by Cornell and Duke University Press.

What are Project Euclid's electronic access, distribution, and subscription models?

Institutions may purchase content hosted on Project Euclid in several ways. Individual may purchase access to some select titles.

Euclid Prime: Euclid Prime is a collection of high-impact, peer-reviewed journals in theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics hosted and sold by Project Euclid. More information on ordering and title lists.

Direct from publisher: titles are hosted on Project Euclid but their electronic subscriptions are managed by their individual publishers under various terms. For access terms and conditions, please contact the publisher directly. See the list of these publishers for more information.

Open Access: Many journal titles hosted by Project Euclid are available with no access restrictions.

For more information about Project Euclid's access and distribution models, please see Collections, titles and ordering.

Where can I find Euclid Prime FAQ?

Duke University Press manages ordering and customer service for the Euclid Prime collection. For Euclid Prime FAQ, visit the Duke University Press Library Resource Center.

Can I order all content hosted on Project Euclid with a single purchase?

No. In order to offer flexible options for both libraries and independent and society publishers, Project Euclid provides more than one type of subscription and purchase model. For more information please see Collections, titles and ordering.

What is MathJax?

MathJax is a useful tool for rendering TeX or MathML-coded mathematics in browsers without requiring font installation or browser plug-ins. Any modern browser that is Javascript-enabled will be MathJax-ready. Visit the MathJax website for more information.

Project Euclid is a supporter of MathJax development. For more information about MathJax on Project Euclid, please visit our Help page.

Individual access

How do I access Project Euclid as an individual subscriber?

Log in to your MyEuclid account to access your account as an individual subscriber.

Can I subscribe to Euclid Prime as an individual?

Project Euclid does not currently offer a Euclid Prime subscription option to individuals. You may be able to access Euclid Prime via your affiliated institution's subscription. Users may subscribe to individual titles directly through the publisher.

How do I know if I have access?

Icons next to the title of the journal, article, monograph, or chapter indicate your ability to access the item. View our access levels page for more information.

Is there a pay-per-view option?

If access to full-text is denied (no subscription), publishers may choose to offer a pay-per-view option. This allows non-subscribers to purchase immediate access on an article-by-article basis at a price set by the publisher. This option will be indicated by a "Buy article" button.

How can I purchase a print option for Project Euclid materials?

Project Euclid currently offers print-on-demand (POD) services for select content through outside vendors. This service is only available for designated monographs and is the only way to purchase print through Project Euclid. If available, this option will be indicated by a "Purchase print copy" button on the books Table of Contents page. In the future, this may expand to include additional content.

Some publishers sell print subscriptions to content hosted on Project Euclid. Please contact publisher directly for more information.

Can I view Project Euclid content on my mobile device?

Yes. Content hosted on Project Euclid has been optimized for viewing on various mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones.

Institutional access

How do I recover my administrator password?

Please visit the Library Administration Account login and click on "Forgot your password?" Enter your institution's Euclid ID (number beginning with 'PE') in the form. A new password will be emailed to the contact address associated with your account. If you cannot locate your institution's Euclid ID, please contact Customer Service.

Does Project Euclid provide COUNTER-compliant usage statisitcs to institutional subscribers?

Yes. Please see the Usage statistics page for more information.

As a librarian, how can I access and manage my institution's account?

Librarians can manage their subscriptions to Euclid publications by accessing their Library Administration Account. To do so, you must know the Euclid ID for your account. You may then log in from the Library Administration Account login.

If you have questions related to your login, or do not know your Euclid ID, please contact Project Euclid.

Which titles require a signed site license agreement to enable access?

Some content hosted on Project Euclid requires a signed site license agreement to be in place before access is enabled.

For single titles, please contact the individual publisher to confirm their policy.

For collections, please see our site license agreement.


How do I link to articles hosted on Project Euclid?

Visit our Publisher tools page for a description of how to link to content on Project Euclid.

Are journals on Project Euclid OpenURL compatible?

Project Euclid supports OpenURL linking for all content. To enable and configure OpenURL for your institution, please log in to your Library Administration Account and click on the 'OpenURL' link. You will need to register the base URL for your linking server. You may also indicate a custom image as your OpenURL link button.