Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis

Fixed point theorems and Denjoy-Wolff theorems for Hilbert's projective metric in infinite dimensions

Roger D. Nussbaum

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Let $K$ be a closed, normal cone with nonempty interior ${\rm int}(K)$ in a Banach space $X$. Let $\Sigma = \{x\in{\rm int}(K) : q(x) = 1\}$ where $q \colon {\rm int}(K)\rightarrow (0,\infty)$ is continuous and homogeneous of degree $1$ and it is usually assumed that $\Sigma$ is bounded in norm. In this framework there is a complete metric $d$, Hilbert's projective metric, defined on $\Sigma$ and a complete metric $\overline d$, Thompson's metric, defined on ${\rm int}(K)$. We study primarily maps $f\colon \Sigma\rightarrow\Sigma$ which are nonexpansive with respect to $d$, but also maps $g \colon {\rm int}(K)\rightarrow {\rm int}(K)$ which are nonexpansive with respect to $\overline{d}$. We prove under essentially minimal compactness assumptions, fixed point theorems for $f$ and $g$. We generalize to infinite dimensions results of A. F. Beardon (see also A. Karlsson and G. Noskov) concerning the behaviour of Hilbert's projective metric near $\partial\Sigma := \overline\Sigma \setminus \Sigma$. If $x \in \Sigma$, $f \colon \Sigma\rightarrow \Sigma$ is nonexpansive with respect to Hilbert's projective metric, $f$ has no fixed points on $\Sigma$ and $f$ satisfies certain mild compactness assumptions, we prove that $\omega (x;f)$, the omega limit set of $x$ under $f$ in the norm topology, is contained in $\partial\Sigma$; and there exists $\eta\in\partial\Sigma$, $\eta$ independent of $x$, such that $(1 - t) y + t\eta \in\partial K$ for $0 \leq t \leq 1$ and all $y\in \omega (x;f)$. This generalizes results of Beardon and of Karlsson and Noskov. We give some evidence for the conjecture that $\text{\rm co}(\omega(x;f))$, the convex hull of $\omega(x;f)$, is contained in $\partial K$.

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Topol. Methods Nonlinear Anal., Volume 29, Number 2 (2007), 199-249.

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Nussbaum, Roger D. Fixed point theorems and Denjoy-Wolff theorems for Hilbert's projective metric in infinite dimensions. Topol. Methods Nonlinear Anal. 29 (2007), no. 2, 199--249.

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