Tohoku Mathematical Journal

Singularities of tangent lightcone map of a timelike surface in Minkowski 4-space

Lingling Kong and Donghe Pei

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In the paper, we will define tangent lightcone map, tangentlightcone curvature and tangent lightcone height function. Then we study the geometry of the timelike surfaces in Minkowski 4-space through their contact with spacelike hyperplane and give the classification of singularities of tangent lightcone map based on the Legendrian singularity theory of Arnol'd.

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Tohoku Math. J. (2), Volume 61, Number 4 (2009), 455-473.

First available in Project Euclid: 21 January 2010

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Primary: 53A35: Non-Euclidean differential geometry
Secondary: 58C27

Timelike surface tangent lightcone map tangent lightcone height function


Kong, Lingling; Pei, Donghe. Singularities of tangent lightcone map of a timelike surface in Minkowski 4-space. Tohoku Math. J. (2) 61 (2009), no. 4, 455--473. doi:10.2748/tmj/1264084494.

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