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Double Lerch Value Relations and Functional Relations for Witten Zeta Functions


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In this paper, we obtain functional relations for Witten zeta functions by using relations of double Lerch values. By these functional relations, we obtain new proofs of known results on the Tornheim double zeta values, the Euler-Zagier double zeta values, and their alternating and character analogues.

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Tokyo J. Math., Volume 31, Number 2 (2008), 551-574.

First available in Project Euclid: 5 February 2009

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Primary: 11M41: Other Dirichlet series and zeta functions {For local and global ground fields, see 11R42, 11R52, 11S40, 11S45; for algebro-geometric methods, see 14G10; see also 11E45, 11F66, 11F70, 11F72}


NAKAMURA, Takashi. Double Lerch Value Relations and Functional Relations for Witten Zeta Functions. Tokyo J. Math. 31 (2008), no. 2, 551--574. doi:10.3836/tjm/1233844070.

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