Statistical Science

A Selective Overview of Nonparametric Methods in Financial Econometrics

Jianqing Fan

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This paper gives a brief overview of the nonparametric techniques that are useful for financial econometric problems. The problems include estimation and inference for instantaneous returns and volatility functions of time-homogeneous and time-dependent diffusion processes, and estimation of transition densities and state price densities. We first briefly describe the problems and then outline the main techniques and main results. Some useful probabilistic aspects of diffusion processes are also briefly summarized to facilitate our presentation and applications.

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Statist. Sci., Volume 20, Number 4 (2005), 317-337.

First available in Project Euclid: 12 January 2006

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Asset pricing diffusion drift GLR tests simulations state price density time-inhomogeneous model transition density volatility


Fan, Jianqing. A Selective Overview of Nonparametric Methods in Financial Econometrics. Statist. Sci. 20 (2005), no. 4, 317--337. doi:10.1214/088342305000000412.

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