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Integration Operators on Bergman Spaces with exponential weight

Milutin R. Dostanić

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We study operators of the form $T_{g}f\left( z\right) =\int\nolimits_{0}^{z}f\left( \xi \right) \,g^{\prime }\left( \xi \right) \,d\left( \xi \right) $ ($g$ is an analytic function unity disc) on weighted Bergman spaces $L_{a}^{p}\left( w\right) $ of the unit disc where symbol $g$ is analytic function on the disc. For the case of $$ w(r) =\exp \Big( \frac{-a}{( 1-r)^{\beta }}\Big)\qquad \left( a>0, 0<\beta \leq 1\right) $$ it is shown that operator $T_{g}$ is bounded (compact) on $L_{a}^{2}\left( w\right) $ if and only if $\left( 1-\left\vert z\right\vert \right)^{\beta +1}\left\vert g^{\prime }\left( z\right) \right\vert =O\left( 1\right) \left( =o\left( 1\right) \right) $ as $\left\vert z\right\vert \rightarrow 1-$, thus solving a problem formulated in [Aleman, A. and Siskakis, A.G.: Integration Operators on Bergman Spaces. Indiana Univ. Math. J. 46 (1997), no. 2, 337-356.].

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Rev. Mat. Iberoamericana, Volume 23, Number 2 (2007), 421-436.

First available in Project Euclid: 26 September 2007

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Primary: 47B38: Operators on function spaces (general)

weighted Bergman's space radial weight function tauberian theorem of Ingham


Dostanić, Milutin R. Integration Operators on Bergman Spaces with exponential weight. Rev. Mat. Iberoamericana 23 (2007), no. 2, 421--436.

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