Journal of Symbolic Logic

Arithmetical Interpretations of Dynamic Logic

Petr Hajek

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An arithmetical interpretation of dynamic propositional logic (DPL) is a mapping $f$ satisfying the following: (1) $f$ associates with each formula $A$ of DPL a sentence $f(A)$ of Peano arithmetic (PA) and with each program $\alpha$ a formula $f(\alpha)$ of PA with one free variable describing formally a supertheory of PA; (2) $f$ commutes with logical connectives; (3) $f(\lbrack\alpha\rbrack A)$ is the sentence saying that $f(A)$ is provable in the theory $f(\alpha)$; (4) for each axiom $A$ of DPL, $f(A)$ is provable in PA (and consequently, for each $A$ provable in DPL, $f(A)$ is provable in PA). The arithmetical completeness theorem is proved saying that a formula $A$ of DPL is provable in DPL iff for each arithmetical interpretation $f, f(A)$ is provable in PA. Various modifications of this result are considered.

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J. Symbolic Logic, Volume 48, Issue 3 (1983), 704-713.

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Hajek, Petr. Arithmetical Interpretations of Dynamic Logic. J. Symbolic Logic 48 (1983), no. 3, 704--713.

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