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Generalized Whittaker functions on GSp(2,R) associated with indefinite quadratic forms


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We study the generalized Whittaker models for G = GSp(2,R) associated with indefinite binary quadratic forms when they arise from two standard representations of G: (i) a generalized principal series representation induced from the non-Siegel maximal parabolic subgroup and (ii) a (limit of) large discrete series representation. We prove the uniqueness of such models with moderate growth property. Moreover we express the values of the corresponding generalized Whittaker functions on a one-parameter subgroup of G in terms of the Meijer G-functions.

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J. Math. Soc. Japan, Volume 63, Number 4 (2011), 1203-1262.

First available in Project Euclid: 27 October 2011

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Primary: 11F46: Siegel modular groups; Siegel and Hilbert-Siegel modular and automorphic forms
Secondary: 22E30: Analysis on real and complex Lie groups [See also 33C80, 43-XX]

generalized Whittaker functions Fourier expansions of automorphic forms on GSp(2) the Meijer G-functions


MORIYAMA, Tomonori. Generalized Whittaker functions on GSp (2, R ) associated with indefinite quadratic forms. J. Math. Soc. Japan 63 (2011), no. 4, 1203--1262. doi:10.2969/jmsj/06341203.

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