Journal of Applied Mathematics

  • J. Appl. Math.
  • Volume 2014, Special Issue (2014), Article ID 369350, 9 pages.

Multitask Oriented Virtual Resource Integration and Optimal Scheduling in Cloud Manufacturing

Zhen Cheng, Dechen Zhan, Xibin Zhao, and Hai Wan

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To deal with the problem of resource integration and optimal scheduling in cloud manufacturing, based on the analyzation of the existing literatures, multitask oriented virtual resource integration and optimal scheduling problem is presented from the perspective of global optimization based on the consideration of sharing and correlation among virtual resources. The correlation models of virtual resources in a task and among tasks are established. According to the correlation model and characteristics of resource sharing, the formulation in which resource time-sharing scheduling strategy is employed is put forward, and then the formulation is simplified to solve the problem easily. The genetic algorithm based on the real number matrix encoding is proposed. And crossover and mutation operation rules are designed for the real number matrix. Meanwhile, the evaluation function with the punishment mechanism and the selection strategy with pressure factor are adopted so as to approach the optimal solution more quickly. The experimental results show that the proposed model and method are feasible and effective both in situation of enough resources and limited resources in case of a large number of tasks.

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J. Appl. Math., Volume 2014, Special Issue (2014), Article ID 369350, 9 pages.

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Cheng, Zhen; Zhan, Dechen; Zhao, Xibin; Wan, Hai. Multitask Oriented Virtual Resource Integration and Optimal Scheduling in Cloud Manufacturing. J. Appl. Math. 2014, Special Issue (2014), Article ID 369350, 9 pages. doi:10.1155/2014/369350.

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