Journal of Applied Mathematics

Journal of Applied Mathematics is devoted to the publication of original research papers and review articles in all areas of applied, computational, and industrial mathematics.

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A Comparison of One-Way and Two-Way Coupling Methods for Numerical Analysis of Fluid-Structure InteractionsFriedrich-Karl Benra, Hans Josef Dohmen, Ji Pei, Sebastian Schuster, and Bo Wan Volume 2011 (2011)
Analytic Approximate Solutions for MHD Boundary-Layer Viscoelastic Fluid Flow over Continuously Moving Stretching Surface by Homotopy Analysis Method with Two Auxiliary ParametersM. M. Rashidi, E. Momoniat, and B. Rostami Volume 2012, Special Issue (2012)
Mittag-Leffler Functions and Their ApplicationsH. J. Haubold, A. M. Mathai, and R. K. Saxena Volume 2011 (2011)
Chaos in a Tumor Growth Model with Delayed Responses of the Immune SystemM. Saleem and Tanuja Agrawal Volume 2012 (2012)
Dynamic of a TB-HIV Coinfection Epidemic Model with Latent AgeXiaoyan Wang, Junyuan Yang, and Fengqin Zhang Volume 2013 (2013)
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