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Journal of Applied Mathematics is devoted to the publication of original research papers and review articles in all areas of applied, computational, and industrial mathematics.

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Analysis of a Periodic Single Species Population Model Involving Constant Impulsive PerturbationRonghua Tan, Zuxiong Li, Shengliang Guo, and Zhijun Liu Volume 2014 (2014)
Analytic Approximate Solutions for MHD Boundary-Layer Viscoelastic Fluid Flow over Continuously Moving Stretching Surface by Homotopy Analysis Method with Two Auxiliary ParametersM. M. Rashidi, E. Momoniat, and B. Rostami Volume 2012, Special Issue (2012)
Iterative Algorithm for Common Fixed Points of Infinite Family of Nonexpansive Mappings in Banach SpacesSongnian He and Jun Guo Volume 2012, Special Issue (2012)
Radiation effect on MHD free-convection flow of a gas at a stretching surface with a uniform free streamAhmed Y. Ghaly and Elsayed M. E. ElbarbaryVolume 2, Number 2 (2002)
Dynamic Analysis of the Nonlinear Chaotic System with Multistochastic DisturbancesLingling Geng, Yongguang Yu, and Shuo Zhang Volume 2014 (2014)
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