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Large sample asymptotics for the two-parameter Poisson–Dirichlet process

Lancelot F. James

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This paper explores large sample properties of the two-parameter (α, θ) Poisson–Dirichlet Process in two contexts. In a Bayesian context of estimating an unknown probability measure, viewing this process as a natural extension of the Dirichlet process, we explore the consistency and weak convergence of the the two-parameter Poisson–Dirichlet posterior process. We also establish the weak convergence of properly centered two-parameter Poisson–Dirichlet processes for large θ+. This latter result complements large θ results for the Dirichlet process and Poisson–Dirichlet sequences, and complements a recent result on large deviation principles for the two-parameter Poisson–Dirichlet process. A crucial component of our results is the use of distributional identities that may be useful in other contexts.

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Bertrand Clarke and Subhashis Ghosal, eds., Pushing the Limits of Contemporary Statistics: Contributions in Honor of Jayanta K. Ghosh (Beachwood, Ohio, USA: Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2008), 187-199

First available in Project Euclid: 28 April 2008

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Primary: 62G05: Estimation
Secondary: 62F15: Bayesian inference

Bayesian consistency multiplier CLT two-parameter Poisson–Dirichlet process weak convergence

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James, Lancelot F. Large sample asymptotics for the two-parameter Poisson–Dirichlet process. Pushing the Limits of Contemporary Statistics: Contributions in Honor of Jayanta K. Ghosh, 187--199, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Beachwood, Ohio, USA, 2008. doi:10.1214/074921708000000147.

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