International Journal of Differential Equations

Analysis of Caputo Impulsive Fractional Order Differential Equations with Applications

Lakshman Mahto, Syed Abbas, and Angelo Favini

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We use Sadovskii's fixed point method to investigate the existence and uniqueness of solutions of Caputo impulsive fractional differential equations of order α(0,1) with one example of impulsive logistic model and few other examples as well. We also discuss Caputo impulsive fractional differential equations with finite delay. The results proven are new and compliment the existing one.

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Int. J. Differ. Equ., Volume 2013, Special Issue (2012), Article ID 704547, 11 pages.

Received: 6 May 2012
Accepted: 21 November 2012
First available in Project Euclid: 24 January 2017

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Mahto, Lakshman; Abbas, Syed; Favini, Angelo. Analysis of Caputo Impulsive Fractional Order Differential Equations with Applications. Int. J. Differ. Equ. 2013, Special Issue (2012), Article ID 704547, 11 pages. doi:10.1155/2013/704547.

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