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Asymptotic theory of penalized splines

Luo Xiao

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The paper gives a unified study of the large sample asymptotic theory of penalized splines including the O-splines using B-splines and an integrated squared derivative penalty [22], the P-splines which use B-splines and a discrete difference penalty [13], and the T-splines which use truncated polynomials and a ridge penalty [24]. Extending existing results for O-splines [7], it is shown that, depending on the number of knots and appropriate smoothing parameters, the $L_{2}$ risk bounds of penalized spline estimators are rate-wise similar to either those of regression splines or to those of smoothing splines and could each attain the optimal minimax rate of convergence [32]. In addition, convergence rate of the $L_{\infty }$ risk bound, and local asymptotic bias and variance are derived for all three types of penalized splines.

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Electron. J. Statist., Volume 13, Number 1 (2019), 747-794.

Received: September 2018
First available in Project Euclid: 21 March 2019

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Primary: 62G08: Nonparametric regression 62G20: Asymptotic properties

Nonparametric regression penalized splines $L_{\infty }$ convergence $L_{2}$ convergence local asymptotics rate optimality

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Xiao, Luo. Asymptotic theory of penalized splines. Electron. J. Statist. 13 (2019), no. 1, 747--794. doi:10.1214/19-EJS1541. https://projecteuclid.org/euclid.ejs/1553133771

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