Electronic Communications in Probability

On hypoelliptic bridge

Xue-Mei Li

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A conditioned hypoelliptic process on a compact manifold, satisfying the strong Hörmander’s condition, is a hypoelliptic bridge. If the Markov generator satisfies the two step strong Hörmander condition, the drift of the conditioned hypoelliptic bridge is integrable on $[0,1]$ and the hypoelliptic bridge is a continuous semi-martingale.

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Electron. Commun. Probab., Volume 21 (2016), paper no. 24, 12 pp.

Received: 19 October 2015
Accepted: 4 March 2016
First available in Project Euclid: 10 March 2016

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Primary: 60Gxx: Stochastic processes 60Hxx: Stochastic analysis [See also 58J65] 58J65: Diffusion processes and stochastic analysis on manifolds [See also 35R60, 60H10, 60J60] 58J70: Invariance and symmetry properties [See also 35A30]

sum of squares of vector fields adjoint process hypoelliptic kernel

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Li, Xue-Mei. On hypoelliptic bridge. Electron. Commun. Probab. 21 (2016), paper no. 24, 12 pp. doi:10.1214/16-ECP4646. https://projecteuclid.org/euclid.ecp/1457617915

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