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Communications in Mathematical Sciences publishes high quality original research articles, review and expository papers, and fast communications on mathematical modelings, applied and stochastic analyses and numerical computations on problems that arise in physical, biological, engineering and financial applications.

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A simple Eulerian finite-volume method for compressible fluids in domains with moving boundariesAlina Chertock and Alexander KurganovVolume 6, Number 3 (2008)
The Riemann problem for the shallow water equations with discontinuous topographyPhilippe G. LeFloch and Mai Duc ThanhVolume 5, Issue 4 (2007)
Gaussian beams summation for the wave equation in a convex domainSalma Bougacha, Jean-Luc Akian, and Radjesvarane AlexandreVolume 7, Number 4 (2009)
Equation-Free, Coarse-Grained Multiscale Computation: Enabling Mocroscopic Simulators to Perform System-Level AnalysisIoannis G. Kevrekidis, C. William Gear, James M. Hyman, Panagiotis G Kevrekidid, Olof Runborg, and Constantinos TheodoropoulosVolume 1, Number 4 (2003)
The derivatives of Asian call option pricesJungmin Choi and Kyounghee KimVolume 6, Number 3 (2008)
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